How many shooters do we have???

Well everybody it is close to the end. Just 3 1/2 days left til ship day. Woo-Hoo more sleep, but i was wondering how many shooters do we have and how many nonshooters do we have???

Do you mean “how many of are still planning to have shooters?” or “how many of you actually have working shooters?” or “face it – you’re running out of time, how many of you are replacing your shooter plans with a cut-up hammock and a piece of plywood on a hinge?”

Im curious to see how many teams pulled it off and are shooting 3 pters. i have seen some teams have pulled it off and i was wondering around how many.

Team 1501 is a shooter this year :ahh:
We had a test firing tonight and can get 10 balls out in 4 seconds.

We’re shooting

Team 836 is a shooter this year.

how accurate is everyones shooters this yr???

Team 1742 has a working, reasonably consistent shooter. :slight_smile:

Well of course we started with a Shooter/Harvester, and uhm worked from bottom up, and now we have a Harvester period.

we are a shooter take a look:

we can hit 10 out of 10 in the first box
we can hit 9 to 10 out of 10 in the second box
we can hit 8 of 10 in the third box this one being the far box.

This will get better at the regional.

At the UTC scrimmage today in which FIRST officials attend to prove out stuff, there were about 5 or 6 sucessful shooter bots which I saw.

Some floor loading shooters.

Some floor loading corner goalers.

Some starting 10 ball shooters.

Some starting ball corner goalers.

The winning alliance of the scrimmage, happened to contain one sucessful floor loading and 10 ball start shooter bot, one corner goal 10 ball starting bot who also played heavy defense, and one floor loading corner goal bot.

One shooter in the winning alliance.

That was a shock to me.

We just tested again tested tonight.

Our turret can pivot 180 degrees and fire at a resonable clip. I haven’t measured, but I’d guess at least 2 per second (in the goal) if they’re all loaded and we’re sitting still. When we’re moving around, that drops siginificantly, maybe one out of five. Still conditions will not be present on the feild though, so don’t get your hopes up just because you can sink 30 shots in 10 seconds standing still. The real challenge will come in firing on the run.

I think tommorrow we’re going to practice shooting with a student shoving the robot, sliding it across the floor, or rolling a theatre flat in front of it to simulate defensive strategies. That’s really going to be the challenge this year…

Can’t wait to get automagic aiming going…

Team 1676’s bot shoots. But it also has a pan/tilt shooting mechanism that moves in sync with the camera. We dont have to be aligned in anyway with the goal to shoot! As long as our camera sees the light :cool: , the shooter moves with it and adjusts to shoot the balls in the goal!

Team 228 will shoot for the moon. :wink:

And like the Dyson vacuum, our robot never looses suction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad the target is significantly lower than that. :wink:

Shooting is quite frankly the only way to go this year. :cool:

Team 498 has a shooter that can hit the goal from 8ft to half court.
Good Luck Everyone.

team 151 is shooting and harvesting!! now if only our balls didn’t bind so much we would be all set

I would have to disagree. i think it will be an asset to have a shooter on the alliance but i dont think it is the only way to go. you have pluses and minuses which ever way u go.