How many students are on your team???

Just as a question… I wanted to see how big other teams are… How many students are on your team??? We have around 40-45…

35 Max


60 eh? Thats a lot of students… traveling must be hard… we have a hard enough time…

About 10…5 of which actually spent a significant amount of time at meetings working on Spicy.

About 27.

cry We only have 10…:frowning: …but we have as much fun as possible to make up for the lack of team members:D

useful team members or total team members?
if it’s total, then we have around 20-25, if it’s just team members that actually contribute to the team, then 10-15

We have about 30, give or take. Some people don’t do anything though so really only about 20 who help the team

Actually yo can tell me both… Useful and total

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**60ish. **

60!?!?!? Imagine all of the people running around. How many people on your team actually do work?

yeah… 60 kids… how many contribute???

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**yeah… 60 kids… how many contribute??? **

Well, all of them are useful to some extent. Obviously with 60 people, sometimes there are just too many that end up doing nothing. It’s not so much that they’re lazy (we don’t allow them to be lazy for any significant amount of time), it’s just that there’s only so much to do.

Our mentors have made a great effort to divide up jobs though. We’ve got subteams for Pit/Fabrication, Software, Electrical, Intel, Website, Animation, Awards, Spirit, Photography… I’m sure I’m missing some, but you get the idea. We’re pretty organized, and I think we’ve made ourselves about as efficient as we can be with so many people.

As for traveling, the students have to pass three tests in order to travel: one on the history on our team and of FIRST, one on the rules of this year’s game, and one about this year’s robot. Our grades are checked before regionals and nationals… we all have to keep a 2.5 cumulative GPA without D’s in any of our classes.

Yup, I think I’ve covered it all.

20 girls
14 boys
34 kids total.

75 paid members

Actually, now that I think about it, with Rochester United…we have um…50ish attending Nationals…although it’s 3 teams put together…

We got about 15 kids and about 20 total for the team…

i think only 20 or something people worked really out of 70

I don’t like the slackers

Well for us, since our team is so small this year, everyone has to do something. At least 3 jobs. Some people did more jobs, some people did less. Next year we hope to have a total of 20 people or more. Luckily, I already have 6 people interested in joining next year.