How many Team shirts/uniforms does your team have?

How many Team shirts/uniforms does your team have?

Are they just for competitions, or are some for presentations?

We make our t-shirts during the build season, and they last us until the next season. So, basically we have those shirts with us during presentations and competitions.
Now that we’re getting more into the 007 Theme, we have “uniforms” now. We wear our t-shirts, and have black pants too. =D The pants kind of give our uniform a nice look, especially with our '04 shirts](, and the drivers, coach and human player get jackets. Gotta love our bowler hats too! =)
Next year, I’m not too sure what we’ll do, it definitely depends on what our robot name is. Buuuut that’s coming later. =P

We just have two different shirts one for mentors and one for students.
The students shirts are yellow with black writing. (We are the Robobees)
The mentors are black with yellow writing.

For the past few years, we have had two uniforms.

Thursday: Sparky or sponsor t-shirt with jeans. Orange Sparky hat.
Friday & Saturday: Dark blue polo Sparky shirt with kakki pants, tucked in, with orange Sparky hat.

226 has a t-shirt and a polo shirt. We wear the polo’s for presentation’s and traveling, and the t-shirts at competitions (although we can wear the polo’s at comps if we want)

ACE doesn’t have any shirts (yet). We’re still working on getting a number.


we have are blue polo shirts that we were the first day, then we have are orange shirts that have a list of sponsors on the back.

Bring the hammer

Last year we had three different t-shirts…different colors, but essentially the same shirt.

In 2k4, three shirts. Gray with long sleeves, team number on the sleeve, and no sponsors on the back, then short-sleeved gray and maroon shirts with sponsors and the team number on the front. And the lettering on the logo for the latter two is white instead of black on the first.

We only have one, but each person has it custom-made with their own number and nickname (sort of like a baseball jersey). For instance, mine says “Goobergunch” on the back at the top and a large “42” beneath that.

The Techno Ticks have the classic white short sleeved shirt with the Tick logo and then we recently added a navy blue short sleeved and long sleeved with the same logo. Also we just got those key lime green Got Bot shirts for Bash. Personally i dont feel the key lime green matches. but i’m already over it.

I know that the Tick Chicks wish the team would invest in some hot pink attire…maybe this year?


I was really pushing for those got bot shirts to be hot pink, but as you can see, they came out lime green! :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m just thanking my lucky stars that they weren’t hawaiian shirts!)

We have the black n’ red tye dye that everybody knows( we wear the previous years shirts for the early matches).

A polo shirt that is designated for travel.

and every year (recently) we design a sweatshirt that team member can purchase but is not required to be worn the other two are required).

On my team we have 3 uniforms. On the practice days we wear the red t-shirts with blue jeans or jean shorts in ATL. On the Qualifying day we wear a blue t-shirt with jeans or jean shorts. Elimination day is the day we dress up, we wear a blue polo with khaki slacks. On the way to and from competitions, some students along with mentors wear other teams shirts, buttons etc. Our uniforms change from year to year.


(Inside Joke: Maybe 45 should go to Tye-Dye so we can have a mini-rivalry with Courtney and 111. HAHA) :stuck_out_tongue:

This year we had many different options. We just got hats, we had hoodies, polo shirts, corporate shirts(all the coporate sponsors) and we also had a Ten Year anniversary shirt.

I’ve been on the team for two years and I seem to have a closet full of GRT clothes. There’s a new shirt for every day of competition. It’s crazy. Two years ago we had the polos, red t-shirts, and then bowling shirts. Last year we had polos/black shirts, red t-shirts, and then bowling/black shirts. We had a bad coordination last year because we were unable to make more of the bowling shirts…but those were our uniforms.

S.P.A.M. has basically 3 shirts

one is specifically for the adult volunteers–very nice blue polo shirt with their names and S.p.a.m. logo of course
then we have the black shirts aka the fun shirts that we wear at competitions on Thursdays–started in 2002–you may have seen them-- 2002 was Got S.P.A.M.??? Not your momma’s luncheon meat!!-- 2003 was Meat the Future-- 2004 was “Ingenuborationship” You want it. We got it. You need it. We eat it.
then we have our regular S.P.A.M. shirts with the sponsors on the back and our superman style s.p.a.m. -that we wear at fundraisers, Friday and Saturdays at competitions and various functions–typically these shirts are blue but the 2004 shirt was black b/c of a mess up–but it’s all good