how many teams are driving now?

i realize that we have two weeks left and this is the traditional time that people’s pile of bolts starts to move around the ground…so how about a status check for teams

73 and 1405 both drove today

73 has 3 subsystems still being worked on

where is your team at?

Our chassis has moved under its own power unfortunately we did destroy both drill motors (not from driving though). Our other systems are still being fabricated and aren’t mounted to the chassis yet. If no unforseen problems arise we should have the motors replaced and some of the other systems attached by the end of this week.

We’ve driven around on our test course. Most of our subsystems are still being constructed, however.

Not driving yet. But we’re happy with what we got going.

Though, in previous years (at least '02 and ‘03, the first two years of my team involvement), our team has not been driving until the last week before ship date, we are nearing that point this weekend. We should be driving by tomorrow or Monday…all that needs to be done to drive is wiring. :smiley: Our electrical better get to crackin’! :wink:

We have nothing done. Someone help!

We’ve drivin a few times, its been a little shaky at first because we are obviously still making changes to our bot, but both driving and the bot have been coming along nicely.

just got word from 343 they are mobile

team 293 is making EXCELLENT progress. We’ve got a rolling chasis with our completed drivetrain mounted on it. Our electronics are done. All of our subsystems are done except for 1. Our programmers have done some REDICULOUS things and everything works great. I’m warning u guys, 293 is gonna be a team to watch this year.

P.S What could we be doing with 3 telescoping arms and a boat hook? Hmmm, i wonder.

296 isn’t driving yet, but we just got most of our parts back from Nortel’s machine shop today after sending them out two weeks ago, so we should be driving in the next couple of days.

It feels weird, as if we haven’t really done anything, since we have absolutely nothing built yet, but we’re actually ahead since we have most everything CADded. All we have to do now is put together the pieces.

We at team 365 are driving, and all of the individual functionalities have been tested. Working on all of the integration now, and the negotiations between sub-teams has begun for mounting space for motor, pneumatics and such.

Team 219 was driving, we had a wood frame driving last week, but we took it apart to work on the final design, basically, yes we are driving around

We need to diagram and mount electronics. Other than that, we’re more or less ready to go, ladies and gents. :wink: Stay tuned for teasers in the coming weeks.

SwampThing is fully capable of driving But There is no program and the controls arent mapped at all So .Not drivng moves in a fairly unpredictable manner tho

wow… i am soooo relieved to find out we are not the only ones not driving yet. hopefully tomorrow (sunday) we will be driving. we have 1 of 3 subsystems done (as far as i know). we just recieved our manufactured gearbox, and plan to mount that tomorrow, so hopefully be driving tomorrow. im getting nervous. if we dont drive by mid week, im going to make an executive decision to use the bosch motors and our old motor mounts from last year. good luck

We’ve been driving for about 3 or 4 days now. We’re starting to hit the chassis up against things and start breaking things early so we can fix them. We just finished up one of our primary mechanisms, and we’ll be shooting to get the others assembled in the next few days.

We’ve come to discover that the moral booster is HUGE when you have a box running around, so we try to get that done by end of week three each year… we got it done about middle of week three. Close enough for me.

Good luck everybody!


We’ve been driving for about a week and a half now … we determined that our original wheels weren’t gonna work … now we’re waiting on new wheels.

With all the drive prototypes we built in the off-season, we were technically driving the first week. Now we are just putting it on the final chassis with the other stuff.

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our robot is finaly moving today, nothing fancy, but i’m happy for what it is after working like mad on it for 3 weeks.
subsystems are in progress