How many teams decline going to district championships?

This is my first year mentoring a team that is a part of districts. I’m curious how many teams usually/will plan to decline if they get a spot at district champs. I know things might be a bit different this year with covid restriction and all.

Decline District Champs
  • We qualify and will go
  • We might qualify and will go
  • We qualify and won’t go
  • We might qualify and won’t go

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So, this depends. In New England, due to Covid, teams are able to prequalify for Champs and bypass DCMP entirely, which is what my team is doing. However, in a normal year we would always go to DCMP. So this year it would be we will qualify and won’t go, but any other year it would be we will qualify and will go.


I would normally not expect that number to be more than about 3 for a district the size of New England. However, with the championship prequalification that number might be significantly larger - it’s possible that a significant fraction of the 16 teams that prequalify will do like BriFRC’s team. And I suspect the teams that are the type of team that would bypass DCMP for worlds is different than the type of team that would otherwise decline a DCMP invitation.

How many teams need to decline for your team to go? Something like 8? In a normal year I’d say to forget about it unless you were in a much larger district. But this year I can’t say with any with any certainty.

We’re doing exactly the same as BriFRC’s team. In any other year, if we qualify for DCMP we go. This year, we are prequalifying for Houston and the 4 day turnaround between DCMP and CMP is just much too hard on students, mentors, and the robot. We knew we had to make the choice to do one or the other if given the option, and the consensus was to go for Houston. So we’re skipping DCMP because we have that option this particular year.


Normally we would go to District Champs if we qualified. We consider this the competitive highlight of our year. We were extremely fortunate that DCMP for us is local this year, as our school board rejected any of our trip requests that required overnight stays, including the World Champs.

World Champs is a more fluid question, as the monetary costs are often way out of proportion to the experience, especially since the host city for us moved from St. Louis to Detroit. This substantially increases our travel expenses. It can be a better use of our resources to attend multiple off-season events rather than attending the World Champs.


From what I’ve seen, most of the New England teams expecting to qualify for Houston before DCMP are not planning on attending DCMP. Our plan is to attend both. We are a large team, and with the attendance limits on District events some of our students have only been able to attend one day of competition so far this season. With the recent news that attendance limits will be lifted for DCMP, we are looking forward to giving our whole team a full competition experience.

If you want some historical data, you can look at district points standings from previous years through the frc-events site. You can go back to 2017 by changing the “2019” in this URL

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here in the Ontario district, 80 teams are qualified to go to district champs. This year is a bit different with covid restrictions as many teams dropped out of the season. My Understanding is that there’s less than 80 teams who competed an event and every team is qualified to go to DCMP

I took a stab at looking at historical data to infer decline numbers:

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whats your team number? we are in districts and going but interested to see who isn’t


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My understanding is NE Teams that are skipping NEDCMP and going straight to champs are:

  • 6328
  • 5813
  • 7407
  • 2168
  • 3467
  • 125

very interesting… hate to say it because i would love to see these amazing machines at the competition but thanks for leaving some blue banner opportunities for us lol just kidding good luck on these teams world endeavors!


We qualified but won’t go. Just more a matter of understanding our robots ceiling. We just competed this past weekend and don’t want to go into a competition knowing we don’t have a shot at winning.

Our robot is one of the, if not the best in terms of consistency traversal climbers in our area (only knock on it is its too slow). But with such a young team and limited mentor support we decided to not really focus cargo. I’m sure eliminations at the district level are going to require 3 High Shooters with at least 2 having Traversal capability.

In New England specifically, the district offered an option for the top 16 teams by district points to qualify for the world championship prior to district champs to make logistics easier, since NE Champs and World Champs are back-to-back.

okay for this year but hopefully they go back to the traditional method in the future.


That is the plan yeah

So if one of those teams wins a qualifying award this week their points spot will go to the next highest ranked team I imagine? Was really looking forward to their district champ this week. How many other spots will be up for grab then?

well there 25 open spots for new england 16 are already taken by the top 16 ranked (3 chairmans) (2 engineering inspiration) (1 rookie allstar) that leaves 3 spots open for worlds from district champs, which is very unfortunate but it is how it is for this year.

Shouldve went with the top 8. 16 teams is way to many still.

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Our students need to leave for CMP ~24 hours after DCMP ends. You have to take a step back and appreciate the logistical challenge it is to get your team 2000 miles away with 2-3 days planning time. Not to mention flights being $1200+ a piece.