How many teams decline going to district championships?

All of FiM knowing they have to do this quick turnaround cause we can’t skip our DCMP.

Our robot and students are leaving the Monday after DCMP.


Possibly NE DCMP will be a more balanced event without those sixteen teams, so that the match schedule is less of a factor in determining which three teams earn the remaining spots.

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You guys are Saving us :joy: the plan previously was to legit have a light toolbag and YOLO it. This turn around is stupid quick.



Yeah we are glad to help. We decided we wanted to take everything and thought if we are driving why not take the biggest trailer we can find, lol. I think we have about 6 teams worth of stuff going with us Im not for sure.

And then we rented a 12 passenger van for the students and mentors, and a few more mentors are driving separately. Definitely going to be an interesting trip but its cheaper than flying. :woozy_face:


well some of those 16 teams will be competing but at-least 6 of the power houses in New England wont be so it should level the field some what!

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Its the combination of short time and extended distance. The same turnaround with CMP in Detroit (or even St Louis) would be a headache, but less so than the very long trip to Houston.


For sure, I never want to do back-to-back weeks between DCMP and Worlds again, regardless of where its at.

Logistics are especially insane for getting stuff ~1500 miles in 2 days (including the proximity to easter :sob: )


man, I know its lame but at that price it feels a little impractical for most people

Back to the OP.

In Michigan, the answer is one team declined, so one bubble team got in. Final rankings.

Out of curiosity, the number one team in NE 6328 won a chairman’s bye to worlds aswell would that mean the 17th ranked team would then get an auto bye to worlds. Just trying to figure out the team who are and aren’t going from
New England

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The combination of half of the Manchester flights to Houston being booked by HQ staff and Massachusetts school vacation week, as well as rising gas prices and lower levels of flying due to the pandemic made this the perfect storm of horrible flight prices in New England. Getting sub 1k flights was a miracle and involve too many layovers. I’m curious if other regions have the same issues, or if it’s a uniquely NE issue.

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It looks like all of NY is on Spring Break that week too, making the CT/MA/RI/NY/NJ airports all overpriced. There were no flights out of Hartford and we had a heck of time booking flights. Also we knew we were locked in 3 weeks ago and booked then so I can only imagine how much worse it is now.

We ended up finding proportionately well-priced flights out of Worcester (!) 3 weeks ago, buying refundable just in case.

yeah makes sense. I’m just a downer a little bit but the cost just seems ridiculous.

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