How many teams go to Atlanta

How many teams go to Atlanta?


Last year there were 345 teams, Regional Winners, Chairmans Winners, and those who haven’t gone recently could sign up.


enough to make your head spin slightly less than a sufficiently torqued robot this year (350ish)

There are 4 fields and about 85 teams, + or - a few, per field.

Since it’s at the “Dome” and all, is there a ticket price? We have family in Ga. and this was a question, I’d like them to attend this year.

All FIRST events are free to attend. Another beautiful thing about FIRST.

All FIRST Competitions are free to the general public.
Since they’re in Georgia already and don’t have to worry about planes and hotel tickets, I would say it’s 100% free for them to attend. (Except for, of course, all of the snacks and drinks they end up paying twice the actual value for…:rolleyes:)