How many teams have sucessfully done a triple balance?

The teams I’ve seen are: 67, 469, 2851, 573, 3098, 3601, 1023, 3175, and perhaps 314, 201, and 2611 but I can’t be sure.

On a related note, once we figure out who the teams who have triple balanced are, I wonder if the HOT Team will be willing to give out Loch Ness Monster stickers to all of them:

Or maybe you’ll just have to triple balance with them to get the stickers. Either way, it looks like there will be stickers on a whole lot of robots by the end of the season!

The Portland #8 alliance (can’t remember the numbers) pulled off 6 triple balances in 7 matches. By some odd coincidence (:p), they also won 6/7 matches, and the event to boot.

Portland was 360, 3711, and 956. I was running field reset so and I got to watch up close. The only match they didn’t was because 3711 didn’t move the entire match. That problem is still undetermined but the next match they were fixed enough to move straight but not turn, so 360 pushed them sideways till they lined up with the ramp and then balanced like normal.

Well, if you want the story…

We seeded 6th at FLR, and had made our picklist to pick for best autonomous scoring, so as to compliment our balancing. Long story short, the second seed snapped up our first pick, and we modified our picklist to be one centered around triple balancing. To that regard, we picked exclusively wide robots with good bridge manipulators and high traction. Scoring was a second priority, though we did manage to rack up a few points in autonomous. Our final (and best alliance we have ever picked) was us (639), 3003, and 843.

Here’s a video of it

In the first quarterfinal match, we were the one and only triple at Fingerlakes. We scored a few points in auton, and went straight for the bridge. We got the balance quite easilly, in fact, but our partner 3003 got their bumper caught on the edge of the field. The drivers saw it, and performed a precision maneuver to get off; some of the best driving I’ve seen all year. There’s another angle of it. With this balance, we were able to upset the 3rd alliance and advance to the semis.

However, the next match, we weren’t working for whatever reason. It is still unknown what happened. In the semis, we were working, but one of our partners wasn’t. If you’ve got a dead robot, it pretty much precludes any sort of triple balance, so we ended up losing those two matches. Very good playing by the 340+3015 alliance, though. They would have been much closer if our alliance had been at full operating capacity.

We’ll be at DC next week, and are quite excited to possibly pull off a few more triples. One last notable thing about our triples is the fact that we directed both of our alliance partners to drive against us, and let us push them. Our treads are sticky enough that we have the necessary traction to push them up while they drive against us, and it negates the effect of the robots sliding around the bridge.

1918, 85 and 910 did it twice in the finals at West Michigan. The first one was not planned and was executed in less that 17 seconds from the time we determined it was needed. No balance assist use either time. However 1918 will have one be fore we get to Troy (if it works)

I started a new thread to take care of this titled “Triple Balance Peer Award”. (Thanks for the reminder John!) It may take a couple days to appear, so i’m repeating the info below:

This now goes for anyone who pulls off the triple balance in competition this season. PM me your info and i’ll mail you one to put on the robot.

I’ve already sent one to Texas, so I guess that officially opens the floodgates!

It started as a side challenge and a fun joke, but it’s become more of a celebration of something exceptional and we’d like to share it with everyone.

I could also email you the .dwg file i made for this so you can print your own if you’d like and save me some postage.

Enjoy! And good luck to everyone, all of us would like to see as many teams as possible earn one.

As mentioned before, 1023 balanced with 469 and 3175 in the eliminations at Detroit. Out of our 6 elimination matches we tripple balanced 4 times.

One time we tried to tripple balance, but our robot fell off the bridge. It was still hanging on a little bit though , so 3175 essentially rammed our robot off the bridge so they could try to double balance with 469 and almost tipped over in the process. In the last few seconds of the match 469 and 3175 managed to double balance and somehow our robot remained upright. Our robot was only damaged a little. It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking matches I’ve ever seen and I even screamed “STOP” several times when the robot was about to fall off.

You can see the video here along with the rest of the matches 469 was in:

The 599/1661/2599 alliance in San Diego pulled off a triple balance a couple times (I think twice).

188/610/3360 did it at least 3 times during GTR East elims, using 610’s bridge manipulator/ball collector device for assistance (it articulates through where the floor ordinarily is when the robot is not on a bridge, and they kept that a secret until they started using it to aid triple balances.)

1075/548/4307 did it in QF1-2 at GTR East as well, with no special gear, though 4307’s small size and 1075’s swerve drive to allow strafing onto the bridge certainly helped.

1918/85/910 has triple balanced in F1 & F2 as mentioned in the 2012 West Michigan District thread. I wonder how many teams will show up at the Michigan State Championship with the achievement of triple balancing and/or Loch Ness Monster sticker.

1024, 1720 and 1747 pulled off a triple balance in QF2 M1 at Boilermaker against the above mentioned alliance of 1501, 1756, and 4028.

I wish we would have been able to pull off the double-triple as well, but it wasn’t meant to be last weekend.

1023 has had 4 successful tripple balances all with 469 and 3175.

I believe we attempted 6 during eliminations, but we tipped over when we were trying to tripple balance in our first semi-final match. Luckily 469 and 3175 we still able to double balance without us. It was an exciting and scary match. Not much damage was done to our robot though. You can see the video here:

You can hear me screaming “STOP” when our robot’s about to fall off. I apologize to the cameraman of 469 for screaming out of control.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the very first triple balance… 148, 2936, and 922 at Alamo. We did it successfully three times, and attempted it two more. And Scorpion is now sporting one of 67’s great Loch Ness Monster decals to commemorate the moment! (Thanks Adam and Jim!)

(actually Jeff, thank you to our mentor Rodney for printing these out!!)

Current count is at 45 teams, and i’m sure i’m missing more than a few.

This is the thread started for teams to claim their ‘award’:

Congrats to:
67, 85, 148, 188, 360, 469, 548, 573, 599, 610, 639, 843, 910, 922, 956, 1023, 1024, 1075, 1388, 1501, 1502, 1661, 1671, 1684, 1720, 1747, 1756, 1918, 2337, 2599, 2851, 2936, 3003, 3098, 3175, 3230, 3360, 3456, 3601, 3656, 3711, 3970, 4028, 4175, 4307.

At the Seattle Olympic regional, 2928, 2557, and 1425 pulled off two triple balances during the finals to win the regional

3958, 121, and 1350 triple balanced in the quarter finals in Boston.

…and advanced to the Semi Finals because that triple balance made them win the third QF match by a single point. It was incredible.

Our alliance of 125, 1635 and 522 triple balanced 6 times at the NYC regional.


for semi finals at denver, we played against 3 wide orientation robots, 1157 and 2 others whose numbers I don’t remember. on the second match of the semifinals, they beat us with a triple balance (their second of the regional). for the third match we parked perpendicular to their bridge and just sat there for the last minute while they pushed against us. It seems to be really easy to defend against if our experience at Denver is anything to go by

Niles in the QF teams 494 245 and 3452 did one. They tried again in the second round, but 494s arms was touching the ground.