How many teams in 2005?

So, registration is open. We’re less than a day into it and there are already 320 teams registered.

Last year, we got close to 1000 teams.

Does anyone want to speculate on how many teams will compete this year?

I’m going to guess 1070.

It looks like the first rookie team number for 2005 is 1498. Will we reach team number 1700?

i think we will only reach like 1620…i will be really supprised if we reach 1700…happu, but still supprised

I am going to guess that we will have 1110 teams this year.

Also, I made a few observations about the list:
Did anyone else notice the concentration of the rookie teams?
7 of the 24 new teams so far are located in Michigan. While NewYork and New Hampshire together have another 7 new teams.

There are also very few teams signed up that would be in their second year. The first 100 teams on the list takes us up to team number 291. While there are only 42 teams between team numbers 1200-1500. Either many of last year’s rookie teams are slow to register or they just aren’t coming back. While there are still many teams that have been around for a much longer time.

Just some small observations.

or maybe more? the way FIRST is growing i wonder how many team we would have in another 5 years maybe 3000 teams… wow… getting into nationals is gonna be very hard… :ahh:

I say for the 2005 year about 1300 teams that actually compete.

I’m going to say 1293 teams compete. (I swear, that’s my real guess.)

As for team numbers, I’m going to say we’ll easily hit 1700. Maybe 1800.

I say 975 total teams. That’s right, I’m the first one to guess that the total will go down. ::gasp::

I think the highest rookie number will be 1603.

I feel like the guy on The Price Is Right guessing $1.

i’m going to go a number involving the number 2… so i’m going to say 1024 + 256 teams = 1280… just because i like binary :rolleyes:

highest rookie? maybe 1586 (because i feel totally random around that area)

Here we are on day 2 and there are about 390 teams with the highest rookie team at about 1530.

I don’t think its going to be reach over 750. I know its a significant decrease from last year. I believe that a lot of teams are calling it quits due to money issues. It is difficult to get someone to donate to a worthy cause these days, you know with the economy the way it is. These things happen. So I stand at my guess of about 750 - 800 range. I know shocking!

Absolutely not. That’s saying we’ll lose over 200 teams that competed last year, and not a single rookie will register.

I dont see any way we have less than last year, and I’m betting we’ll get 100-200 rookies

I think we’ll have a total of about 975 teams this year. Rookie #s will reach 1800.

Total guess. It’s going to be really close on whether we break 1,000 I think.

We’ll reach about 1100 teams this season. The numbers will get up around 1900 maybe even 2000.

Holy Cow, I’m hyperventilating!
There are only 54 spots open at VCU this year! 64 showed up last year! We’re not registered! We don’t have our $500 deposit yet! Rookies Everywhere! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!


Monday sees us over 500 teams.

Will Michigan host 100 teams this year?

They are up to 70 already!

Michigan was over 100 last year, I believe.

CA and Michigan trade the lead. I want to say CA had 96 last year and Michigan had slightly more than 100

I didn’t think that MI had more than 100 teams last, though you are most likely right.

And as of right now, CA is only at 41 teams.

519 teams signed up at this point… going strong
highest rookie 1538 @ vegas

555 teams and the newest rookie is from England…
Team 1542, exscitec/Imperial College & Issac Newton Centre, from London. Pretty cool! :smiley: