How many teams used default Java code?

I’m just curious.
Did your team use the FRC’s default code for Java? What all did you add to it?

And yes, my team did. And being rookies, we didn’t have much added to it. We maybe had a few variables that didn’t do anything because I took them out half way through build season, and compressor handling.

What about you guys who used Java for programming this past season?

I hate to say this, but there was supplied Java code? the only supplied thing for java I used when programming our robot was the WPI library and the template that I found. Simple robot and autonomous and had to think up everything.

There was some code in the examples section that included a “default robot”. We didn’t use it, but it can be a good start, but rather started with a circletrackerdemo example to expand our code from.

We used java this year because it was the only coding our new programmer could do. We are having a few issues though and now continuously after trying the “no app fix” that has been mentioned to us. We are continuously getting the “NO ROBOT CODE” message and it has wasted our past 3 weeks. Competition is tomorrow. Have you had the same problem? If so please tell.

Good luck on your competition if you have yet to have it.


Can you provide more details? So here are the steps to test it:
The following assumes that you have completed all updates, installed the FRC plugins for NetBeans, and have your cables/robot network set up correctly.

In NetBeans, go to File->New Project
Scroll down to Samples and open the FRC Java folder.
Look for and double click it.
Give the project a name of some sort.
The new project SHOULD be your main project (the main project is in BOLD in the Projects pane). If not, right click your newly created project and click on “Set as Main Project”.

Ok now you have a Java project.

To Deploy:
Either hit the Green arrow at the top of the GUI or hit F6. This builds and deploys the Main project to the robot.

At some point you should see something like this:
Connecting FTP @

Indicating that it is trying to connect to your robot. Once it is connected it will erase and upload the newly build Jar file.

Try this and report what happens.

Well I used the circle tracker demo code, but expanded on it and just took out the target tracking…

I just want to double-check that you’re still having a problem. In “”, someone posting as you said problem was fixed (bad bridge?).

If still a problem:

  • At the competition, bring this up immediatly with the robot inspectors or other competition staff. They may have someone with Java experience, or can track down a team with Java experience to help.
  • Double check network settings of your development machine.
    • Can you ping the cRIO from the PC?f ftp to the cRIO?
    • Make sure the netmask of the PC is
  • Please post the NetBeans output from a download/deploy/run attempt.
    • Is the ftp failing? Or failing to connect after rebooting the cRIO?

Also, I think the “no app fix” was more of a Labview thing. I believe that C++ and Java robots run as startup code that is not disabled by the “no app fix”.

Good luck!

We examined the circle tracker when we were looking into adding a camera to our system (something we didn’t end up doing), but no,we in no way used any of the sample projects.