How Many Teams will Climb in Einstein Finals

How many teams will climb in the final matches on Einstein. For this purposes of this poll, using the Levitate Power Up does not count as a climb.

One robot will lift one other robot on each alliance.

I won’t rule out two rung-grabbers so soon, especially if they played together before Championship. The ability to grab a rung and pay out a line to clear space for your partner is valuable and not all that difficult.

I think that on Einstein, climbing will deside matches. 90 points is a big deal. in the last 30 sec, its more valuable to get the guaranteed 30 points per robot climbing (90 total) than it is to get ownership for the remainder of the match which gives you less than or equal to 30 points (unless you got the boost power up).

Why are the poll options limited 0-6? There could be up to 8 climbers on Einstein…

Even without any FACE THE BOSS points in elims, I’m expecting 4 climbs and 2 levitates from most finals alliances. If cubes get so scarce that LEVITATE is a sacrifice, this may shift, but I’m not expecting it.

The question in my mind is what percentage of the alliances on Einstein will have two robots climb on the rung* with the third robot free to continue scoring/defending, and what percentage will have a platform-bound rampbot.

  • This could be one robot lifting another, the second climbing on a surrogate rung extended by the first, or both robots engaging the rung.

24 there are 2 Einsteins.

He specified the finals.

8 then. The poll is still too small

Based on the choices given, I took “How many teams will climb in the final matches on Einstein.” to mean “How many teams will climb in each of the finals matches on Einstein”.

Interesting that Cory and Jared Russell disagree with Pat Fairbank… I mean you guys will probably be there, how many robots are you lifting!

This is correct. I still forget that there are 2 half-world championships.

I’m saying all 3 on each alliance will climb. It may be a good strategy to not use the levitate and save those cubes for taking control of the scale. Then with all three climbs they will also have the 90 points anyway.

I’m pretty sure the question is “how many teams WILL climb?” not “how many teams CAN climb?”… Only 6 robots have wheels on the carpet each match, so 6 is the maximum number of possible climbs per match, even if all 8 robots on the alliances would be capable of it.

Up to 16.

4 per Houston alliance (2 alliances).
4 per Detroit alliance (2 alliances).

Every Einstein Alliance will use a Levitate Power Up, so your conditional statement is an unlikely counterfactual. Two bots will climb, even if one is a rampbot lifting the other 2. No one is going to waste the Levitate cubes, especially since they are “free” points when an alliance fills the Vault (which is the other thing that will most likely happen in the finals on Einstein.)

Anyone want to set the line for a prop bet? Is this poll going to be accurate to get equal betting? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kinda the reason for the poll is to debate if every Einstein Alliance will use Levitate. Using Levitate is not free, it takes time and cubes. I’m curious, why do you feel like every Einstein Alliance will use it?

The only way Levitate makes sense is if your third robot is able to keep playing until the very end (i.e. they are not a ramp-bot stuck on the platform holding up their partners). If you’re burning 3 cubes for Levitate and leaving the field open for more than 10 seconds on Einstein, you’ve probably just forfeited. Using 2012 bridge balances as a rule of thumb, I’d predict most multi-robot climbs will leave what they were doing with 15-20 seconds left in the match so that they can get set up. In close matches that’ll be enough time to take ownership of the Scale and keep it for another 10+ seconds.

I think cubes will be scarce at that point. Many teams have shown they can fill the Vault and opponent’s Switch very quickly. Many teams have shown they can score several cubes in Auto. By the time you have to start driving long cycles for cubes there aren’t many cubes left at all, since they’re mostly on the field already.

It’s hard to definitively say who would win between a full triple climb and a double climb with the Levitated robot still driving. If the triple climb alliance scores all 30 of “their” cubes before they climb they should at least own the Scale and one Switch, and the other alliance will have 3 cubes in the Vault for Levitate and be mathematically unable to take back ownership. If you score 50% or more of the cubes in the game (in useful places) the other alliance can’t outscore you. The only way the double climb alliance wins is by stealing cubes and reserving some of the cubes in some safe place (Portal, Exchange, protected pile). They need to force the triple climb alliance to climb before building up an insurmountable lead. Expect to see races for the 6 cubes next to each Switch.

To answer the actual question: I think there will be a mix of triple and double climb alliances on Einstein, and I’d say the triple climbers have the advantage. 3 cubes are worth more than 15 points, and Vault points don’t even prevent the other alliance from scoring, so Levitate needs to hold some other high strategic value to be worth using. People are saying the Scale is the most important part of the game and I still think they’re undervaluing it.