How many teams will have to completely reconfigure there drive train

I know for a fact that a bunch of teams like us will have to completely reconfigure their drive train…

i just want to know which teams will be and what yall ran before

I think that while it’s good to get that experience in of planning your entire drivetrain/base before the competition, it’s never a good idea (within the FIRST world) to just plan ahead.

Anyway, just to be on topic, we don’t have to reconfigure a darn thing. :smiley:

Technically, you shouldn’t have to reconfigure anything; your ideas aren’t truly configured, and you can’t reuse anything you’ve assembled or “configured.” I agree with the above poster; extra practice is never a bad thing; this also goes along with FIRST’s goals, in that it provides more exposure to different situations.

That having been said, I am pleased; all my team did was assemble a basic kit-bot frame from a previous year and some gearboxes to get our mechanical team thinking. We have plans for a more in-depth design, but it certainly helped us figure out our team organization.

For all intensive purposes hes talking about their design, most teams have a solid design they use year after year. So the term “reconfigure” works in the context he was using it, and with in the rules. There is no rule about not being able to use the same concept of something each year.

well this year is realy screwing up my team last year on our rookie year we used a real buggy tank drive. so this summer we went about makeing the designs for a swerve drive. now where not sure if that will even be good to use for its first competion.

Ok, I just must’ve misunderstood the original post. The word “reconfigure”, to me, sounds like he meant an existing drivetrain, not their traditional concept.

You old fuddy-duddies! I know it’s easy to get set in your ways. Maybe you could ask some of the LEGO-Leaguers… they seem pretty innovative. Plus, they have been driving on plastic for quite awhile now. :smiley:

We did buy mecanums at the end of last season and hook them directly to a toughbox, but now we will probably use 2 toughboxes and some chain.

Rather sticky vinyl, with rubber tires. The only thing that makes it slip is when it gets dusty.

But I will agree, FLL’rs are quite innovative.

that just depends. We are in the process of adding the slick wheels with hub adaptors to fit on our current hex axle proto-frame.
We will find out by the end of today just how easy/hard it is to drive on this surface with a tank drive control system, then by tomorrow, with a trailer.
We will post our thoughts on CD right after. :wink:

While we didn’t have our fingers hovering over the order button on AndyMark’s site, 1618 has had a general design concept for the past couple of years. It will definitely change this season–if nothing else, we won’t be ordering tread to put on the drive wheels. Other aspects of our recent drive systems (namely, drop 6WD and two-speed transmissions) will also get a hard look.

We installed all four kit wheels on ourprototype.

Didn’t take long, and seems to work well. It’s a very adaptable base to begin with…