How many triple lvl 3 climbs will there be this year?



You appeared to be saying it should be shown in every quals match. Of course it should be tested in SOME quals matches, but even showing it on the practice field could be sufficient. We’ve seen that type of situation often. I don’t think anyone has said that it would never be deployed before elims.

And I said “could” mitigate, not “would”. Unlike the last 2 years, multiple climbs in quals is not integral to an RP or winning a match. That means a path to a high ranking position doesn’t pass through a multiple climb.


The assumption that its full potential was never shown through an event was what I meant in my original post to SJaladi and beyond. My apologizes for not making it clearer. Showing it in the practice field is more than enough to disprove any issues, but if even that doesn’t happen, you have me hard pressed to jump on board.


I have read this thread with interest.

“not worth the 9 points” was mentioned. That is ONLY applicable if you have two partners who can climb to level 2. What if you have two partners who are kitbots? Then it becomes a 30 point swing in a game where the expected scoring could be as low as 50. This is HUGE.

If I had this ability, I would use it every time it is feasible to use. I think stability would be an issue as you have to lift two bots at the same time and you have to show that the risk falling over is small. “here, let me lift you and your partner of with my robot” uh…the reply is “why should I trust you with our only entry. A fall from 20” will damage our hard work." The answer to that is TRUST…see it in action over and over and over. If I had the triple lift bot, you would see it work, fully loaded in the pit prior to the first match. It would need to instill trust in your alliance team members.

Not needed for ranking points…this year, we are a UIL District. Match points count toward who gets to make it to the Texas UIL State Championship. So, if I can get my alliance to trust me, I would use it each and every time.


Based on StuyPulse’s and Citrus Circuits teasers, I’d say there will be a lot of triple lvl 3 climbs. I’ll guess 20


Do you have a link to StuyPulse’s teaser?