How many tubes per game

can someone please tell me how many tubes you can use during a game or is it an unlimited amount?

The number of tubes available is limited by <G10> quoted above.

Each Human Player starts with 3 triangles, 3 circles, and 3 squares. This accounts for a maximum 18 pieces for each alliance, or 36 in total.

3 tubes per logo, 3 logos at each corner, 4 corners on a field. 3x3x4=36 tubes each game.

what about the uber tubes and can you throw tubes over the top or do you have to pass them through the hole

Each robot starts with an ubertube at the beginning of the match and if it isnt placed on a peg after autonomous, they become useless. Yes you can throw them over the top and you can use the feeder hole.

<G57> During the TELEOPERATED PERIOD, FEEDERS may enter LOGO PIECES onto the FIELD by using the FEEDING SLOTS or by throwing the LOGO PIECE over the top of the FEEDER STATION wall. LOGO PIECES may not be thrown around the side of the FEEDER STATION wall.

Also I took it that any game piece on the field is open for anybody. Would it make sense then to campout by the opponent’s lane and catch theirs to be closer to your goal posts?

it would make it quicker to get tubes if you pick up the ones that the opponents have thrown over the top