How Many Wheels (does your robot have)? - discussing the Top 25 Infinite Recharge Robots live tonight

Hi all! I’m excited to share a new podcast/stream for FRC event recap/strategy and scouting analysis called “How Many Wheels?”.

Tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern we are tackling the challenge of settling the debate of who are the top 25 robots of the Infinite Recharge game. You can watch live on twitch and join in on the fun in chat (or flame the picks) → tune in here at Twitch

In addition to myself, the regular hosts include Evan, an alum of 1425, and Taegen, an alum of 771. Joining us as a guest are also Danny, an alum of 2491. Each guest/host has their own top 25 list and we will be discussing as a group (in a light-hearted way) each of our rankings and recognising who we think are some of the top robots to have played this game.

We have had 3 episodes so far that you can watch here. How Many Wheels? - YouTube

  • I’ll Settle for Egg Salad (Pre-Chezy & 2022 Event Roster Discussion)
  • Half a Pity Point (Post-Chezy & Beach Blitz predictions)
  • Injuries, Espionage, and Ice Badminton (One day events, 2022 swerve, & Madtown predictions)

Hope to see you tonight! If you can’t catch it live, the episode will also be posted to our YouTube shortly after

EDIT: We are live now!



A+ podcast name


Enjoy the vod from last night :slight_smile:

Thanks to all those that could tune in live, was our first more publicized episode, and was great to have the chat engagement. Thanks especially to our guest @RubyIAm for joining us and providing his insight!

Here is the end lists from each of the hosts, and the combined list from all hosts based on the rankings. It was awesome to see different perspectives for each of the lists construction and seeing what everyone valued differently, and of course most importantly recognizing some amazing teams!

If you are interested in updates for all future episodes, check out our discord.


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