How many wheels in 2022?

We’ve seen massive wheel proliferation in recent years, with teams using wheels of many types for literally everything. Answer below for all types of wheels (squishy / star / drive / etc)

  • 0-4
  • 4-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-60
  • 60-70
  • 70-80
  • 80-90
  • 90-100
  • 100+

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For us – the robot currently has 42 on it, but we could probably drop to 38-36.

Do rollers count as a single, very wide wheel?


Could see it either way, so use your best judgement :slight_smile:

I thought this was gonna be about the podcast at first.

We have ~40 wheels on our robot.

Drive - 8 performance wheels
Intake - 9 thrifty squish and 4 vex compliant wheels
Index - 15 thrifty squish
Tower - 1 thrifty squish
Launcher - 2 colsons


Intake/Outake - 44
Internal Cargo Movement - 4 (but also a bunch of pulleys)
Drive - 4
Shooter - 8ish

call it 60?

is that too much?


how should we count omni wheels and other wheel on wheel options?


You gotta count each individual roller to beef up your numbers.

Do the balls in ball bearings count as wheels?


No. They’re an infinite number of very thin wheels.


Do the scroll wheels in our “awake” timer count?


if they did . . . we would have upward of 400 wheels!

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We’re at a cool and groovy 55ish. 8 on drive, 47 on intake (mostly 2in squish, with maybe 12 traction stars).

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I sure am glad we included vectored intake wheels in our indexer. Their rollers give our robot more wheels than wires!


I want to see a FRC robot that’s essentially just a unicycle or even better just balancing on an exercise ball.

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If I remember correctly off the top of my head we have over 100 wheels just in our launcher!

Do gears and axles count as wheels?

What about inserts and pulleys?


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Our robot has eight wheels for the intake, 4 wheels for moving it to the shooter and then 2 wheels for the shooter, we also have a 6 wheel drivetrain

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