How Many Wheels: Pre-Kickoff Edition

With the days counting down until kickoff, HMW is excited to bring you a Tuesday night episode tonight at 8PM eastern time. On deck for today we’re going to be talking about the best teams not returning, our hopes and dreams for the 2022 season, and more. Tonight’s hosts are myself, @BrennanB and @cobbie :slight_smile:

Also, starting at 8:30PM, we’re also going to be tuning into and participating in the Season Long Worldwide Fantasy FIRST draft, where teams from all over the world are drafted with the objective of picking the best possible teams! You’ll hear about the logic behind some picks, predictions for sleeper teams of 2022, and more.

Join us on twitch tonight at!


Is there information regarding the Season Long Worldwide Fantasy FIRST posted anywhere? I don’t really follow Fantasy FIRST much so I haven’t heard about it, but interested to see how it’s structured.


SLWFF is run with the premise of drafting a team that will score as many points (at their first event of the season) as they can. This means every team around the world is eligible to be drafted, and will score points so long as they attend a 2022 event. The drafting is happening in the Fantasy FIRST discord server - linked here: Fantasy First

The scoring system is as follows (taken from the season long fantasy first rulebook) - don’t mind the sub optimal formatting. Rankings are scored using the district points method, a win in eliminations counts as 5 points, and the rest is listed here:

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We are now live! See ya on Twitch

Thanks for tuning in live those that were able to make it! Here is the timestamped vod for all the action/discussion.

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