How many Window Motors its allowed to use??

Hey guys i have a question how many Window motos and banebots motor are allowed to be used on a robot

B. up to 4, in any combination, of the BaneBots motors provided in the KOP (acceptable part numbers are M7-RS775-12, M7-RS775-18, M5-RS550-12, M5-RS550-12-B, and M3-RS395-12),
C. up to 2 window motors (acceptable part #s are 262100-3030 and 262100-3040),

Can we use 2 of the new window motors that we got in the KoP and use alsow 2 old Window motors or we can only use 2??

The rest of the rule will clarify the window motor question. You can only use two of the window motors from this year or previous years if they are the same part number ( I believe they are but I cannot confirm this). You can also use 2 old window lift, seat or wiper motors.

I. up to 2 window lift, seat, windshield wiper or door motors obtained through either the FIRST-Automotive
Recyclers Association partnership or from a prior years’ KOP.

What is the difference between window lift motors and window motors

They are physically different and have differen electrical specifications. Refer to r 44 d
for the pn

Kevin–[R44] is the wiring/circuit breaker size rule. You’re still looking at [R48] (and that would be [R48-C]).

To answer the question about the window motors: You can use 4 window motors, 2 from this year’s KOP and 2 from either the ARA donation or a past KOP. See the following Q&A:

						Game - The Robot » Motors & Actuators » R48 							
					 							Q. **Per  rule48 we can use: "C.up to 2 window motors ..." "I.up to 2 window lift,... from a prior years’ KOP." Does this mean we can use up to 4 window motors? 2 From this years KOP  and 2 from a prior KOP(same motors)? If not, what if the part numbers  are different on the previous year KOP window motor?

**A. Yes.

None of this “only two if they look like this year’s” business.

Can i use 2 window motors from this year KOP and use also the same window motors from past year KOP that mean can i use 4 window motors??

See the Q&A I posted. I would suggest bringing it with you to competition, in case the inspectors don’t think a robot with 4 “identical” (2 right, 2 left, same specs) window motors is legal.

Eric’s advice is good. One more subtle thing to worry about, though. [R48C] allows this year’s window motors: a left-hand and a right-hand (not two of one or the other). [R48I] allows previous KOP window motors, or ARA-sourced window motors: handedness doesn’t matter for these two since both have been supplied in the past.

So, assuming you’re using 4 of the Denso window motors of the type provided this year (262100-3040 and 262100-3030), you must have both types represented.