How many women do you have on your team?

I’m curious about the amount of team members that are women compared to the rest of the team. There’s probably a better way to get this information, but I’m just curious.

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Not sure how to submit this… we (1155) have a very bad ratio of female:male members (around 1:5) but that’s mostly due to the fact that the 2nd team at our school (2265) is all girls, so the entire FRC program is around 1:1.

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Unfortunately at the moment we have 0 girls on our team. But right now we have 3 regular members. In the build season we had 5 regular members, one of whom was a girl.

Do you mean afab or women?


Women, if they identify as a women then they count


In our team we have around 1/3 girls (out of 40 team members this season). In this year’s recruitment round we recruited around 50% girls so hopefully many will stay for the future.

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slightly more girls than boys here presently.

[EDIT] I will add that in addition to member count it is equally important to us that girls have every opportunity to rise to positions of responsibility, esp on the “technical side” where they are often very underrepresented. And I think we have been quite successful in that regard. Last 3 years (all I can do from memory):

Captain: G G G
CoCaptain: G B G
Design Lead: B G B
Manuf Lead: B G B
Controls Lead: G B G


Also, currently 1/3 with <20 teams members. We’ll see how many are recruited.

edit: idk if anyone is nb

Not enough! We’re always doing our best to have a diverse representation of people on our team.

The average for teams in Türkiye is 41% female, 59% male.


we have a 40% F

We are about %54M %46F rn, but our last application form had %71M %29F somehow.:neutral_face:

Do you have separate data for school affiliated teams and community teams?

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