How much did YOU Pay for the tubs?

How much did you pay for the boxes?

I’m only using this so i can get the price match :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure exactly how much we payed, so i just put down $2. It was pretty funny though, because as soon as we found out what containers they used in the game, we sent some of our people out to the store to go buy some, so we could experiment and see how to stack them, etc.

3.66 each with tax…only one walmart in jax had them…

I spent the entire day today looking for them today. like nobody in atlanta has them.:ahh: Finally i found them at a walmart like halfway acroos the world. I was quite odd. Many stores had plenty of 1730 glacial blue lids but no containers. These things stack much better than i expected. Stacks are quite resilient.

$3.44 and I went to two Targets and finally found them at Wal-Mart.

And the stacks are pretty resilient as long as they aren’t too high. We got a stack 12 high but it fell over on it’s own after a while.

One phone call, and we got 10 of them for free!

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**One phone call, and we got 10 of them for free! **

Now How does that work?:mad: