How much do you spend per t-shirt?

Hi all. I’m just curious to hear what the average price of t-shirts you guys get is. Our team is currently debating over which t-shirt company to go with and we want to know how much to pay for shirts. Thanks in advance:)

we get $7 shirts for the team and then a bunch of extras to sell to parents for $10.

Depending on the exact process and colors, you can expect $8 - $10 to be reasonable. A light color on a dark shirt may cost a little more because it has to be printed twice (once in white, once in the chosen color), and more colors means more money.

The other question is if you are putting anything on the sleeves, as that will raise the price per shirt.

Well we want to do white, gray, and gray on black. Full shirt. Price estimate for us is $11.35 a shirt. And that includes sponsor’s logos on back in white.

So, the shirt is black, and you are printing in white and gray (2 colors)? Front and back, no sleeves being printed?

2-color printing is a bit more expensive than 1-color, so you’re looking about the right price

Ok cool. Just want to make sure we aren’t getting ripped off.

Oh also, do you require students to buy their own shirts, or does the club pay for them?

We pay like $15 for black shirts that have color on front and back but we only have like 20 shirts made. We use three colors (I know the number of colors affects the price at some places). We make the students pay for their shirts as I know they can afford them and it saves $300 of fund raising money. However, shirts are given free to the mentors.

We have nice button up shirts, each with a custom patch with the members name, and we pay 20-30 a shirt. I think that’s a little steep, but they aren’t ordinary t-shirts.

We require members to pay for their own shirts.

wow, my dad prints shirts and he can probalby do a 2 color like that on a dark shirt for like 5 $

That sounds like a reasonable price based on the number of colors, and since you’re printing on black. Also, you want to make sure you’re getting shirts that are high enough quality to last through lots of use.

Beachbots do it this way: Students and mentors get 2 shirts free (one for Friday, one for Saturday), sponsors get one, and any family members can buy their own if they want. At least, that’s how it went when I was on the team.

It may vary depending on your situation. I know with my Aero Design team at college, we get fancier shirts, so this last year, the students paid half the cost and the team paid the rest. Leftover money went into the “food fund” used to buy us food for while we traveled.

That is the shirt that 1458 wears.

(the one he is talking about)

Looks nice!

We found a good place to go with, but our problem is turnaround time (2 weeks). Is that normal?

That sounds about right if you’re doing it online, I’d recommend searching for local places though, you can probably get it done cheaper and faster that way

In my experience, two weeks is normal or even speedy. If it’s customInk you’re talking about (they guarantee a two week turn around), I’ve dealt with them before, and have nothing but good things to say. They’re very helpful, and very good at what they do. They took a very complicated hand drawing and made an excellent t-shirt.


I’ll second to look for local places though. They may be willing to do your shirts for just materials if you ask really nice, or for a smaller surcharge than online dealers

The place I mentioned IS local. They won’t give discounts because their primary source of income is from schools and their clubs.
$11.35 is the price per shirt S-XL.

Two weeks turnaround for a local place seems a bit long to my knowledge. I’d say try online in that case. Maybe try the place iCurtis mentioned

on spam we have 2 diff shirts one we get for free and the other the students can buy(the ones we buy are designed by use diff desgn every year) and we can buy any amount we want and they usually cost 8-10

Looking back at the original post, I’d say you’re getting a pretty darn good price. 3 colors on the front and 1 on the back makes for a lot of printing, and certainly drives your cost up. In order for customInk to beat that price you’ll need to order at least 60 shirts! If cost is such a factor, I’d cut out a color or two, and consider changing to a non-black shirt.