How much do you weigh?

Yeah, yeah, that question has historically been met with a slap in the face. Allow me to clarify.

How much does your bot weigh?

The handful of teams I’ve been in contact with seem be floating around the 80-100 lb range, which seems surprisingly light. One of my teams did a weigh-in yesterday and was around 65lbs (missing a few components, so probably right around the 80lb mark). What gives? I honestly expected bots to be on the heavier side given the amount of tasks we need to do.

So where do you fit? Have my teams been sneaking SlimFast shakes without telling me?


0 pounds


As usual, we are planning to go maximum weight, both due to design and due to preference.

if we all go max weight we can balance a lot easier cmon everyone


same here, 0 pounds


Good Man.


105lbs-110lbs or ~47 2/3kg - 48.9 kg

or 47627.2g - 49895.2g


Weigh-in yesterday was 114 with about 4 pounds still left to add on. We’ll be ballasting up to 125 though.


Or 1680-1760oz

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We hit 96 with a battery in the bot. Not to shabby.

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Teams will trend a little lighter than average this year, due to the lower height requirement (and incentives to go short) along with ball shooting games generally trending lighter than long-arm or elevator games.


Yeah we are nowhere near the limit. I also think that brushless motors are a contributing factor for many teams.


We want to go as light as possible so we can cycle balls back and forth across the field as quickly as possible.

It feels great to go for a light bot because in previous years we’ve had to spend tons of time cutting holes to reduce weight to get under the 120 lb limit.

This year it is 125


We’re sitting at about 100lbs right now, but we don’t have our climber installed yet… I think we’ll be cutting it close on weight (again).

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“Planning” vs actual… We planned to flirt with the limit as well, but that apparently hasn’t panned out whoops

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This is a big one. probably saving ourselves 15 lbs right there!


100 last Friday, but things are going on to bump that up around 110 or so, is my guess.

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Last we measured, 121 lbs with stuff to still add. And that’s with 6 brushless motors for weight savings.


Our last weigh-in put us at 68lbs. We still need to add one mechanism, so we should hit around 85-90lbs. once we do. That said, we’ll be ballasting up to 120lbs. to give ourselves a good defensive weight and to balance out our CoG. Our weight is already distributed very low, so our vertical CoG is good and we have been able to drive over the rendezvous zone bars easily at a good speed. We’ll add the ballast as flat steel bars on the belly pan to keep it that way (and make it even better.) The ballast will ensure that our horizontal CoG is also right where we want it (that is, centered under our hang point.)

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