How much does your robot weigh?

So after wieghing our own robot last night. I was thinking that we could see some really lightweight bots this year.


  • How much does your bot weigh?
  • Are you planning on adding weight to reach the max 120lbs?

We project our total (functional weight) to be around 100 lbs. I have a soda on the “under”. Our final weight will definitely approach 120 lbs. Why? One word: Ballast :smiley:

I am forseeing another sub-90lb bot coming to a regional near you.

Why? One word: maneuverability.

As of last night…50 lbs without electrical and motor controller boards.

With everything except one part which will end up weighing like 5lbs our robot is 63lbs. We are going to drive it with and without added weight and see what we like the best.

Honestly did not expect anyone to vote for the 0-30 lbs option. I wonder what that bot looks like.

I’m pretty positive that is a joke… A better question would have been
-Under 70lbs
-90 to 110
-110 to 120

Close to 120lbs
Why: sexiness and trying new drivetrain and other mechanisms(Like really sexy)

We’re approaching 120lbs much more quickly than any of us would like… But after all, μ*Fn=Ff, right? :smiley:

Correct, more weight = more friction. It is very likely that low-gear 6CIM drives are traction limited, rather than torque limited, so while you are sacrificing acceleration (and possibly top speed) you are gaining a huge pushing advantage in the low gear

We’re weighing it about 85 now and will probably ship at around 95.

How comp bot currently weighs less than 30 lbs.

We were at 79 pounds when we last met, with a pneumatic shooter and a herder on either side and all the electronics and stuff. We’ve been working on a catapult powered by surgical tubing that’ll add some functionality and we’ve estimated it’ll add ~10 pounds at most. We’re probably going to try and fit on a blocking device for playing goalie in the next couple weeks so we’ll basically be able to apply every possible tactic and still be underweight =)
This is pretty exciting for us because last year we realized we were overweight the weekend before ship night and lost our full court shot in the process of making it lighter.

I think the new frame sizing rules (112" vs 28"x38") have really made it more trivial to achieve <=120lbs. It seems like less of a pressing issue to worry about weight, unless you are in more extreme circumstances (ie trying to do everything)

Last year the frame perimeter was the same, and it was a struggle for a lot of teams to make 120.

I meant the new rules since 2012 to 2013. Last year required robust enough systems for the robot to lift itself into the air. I think anybody struggling to meet 120 last year without a 20-30 point climber probably over-designed something

Last year it was definitely easier, but not as easy as this year. The reason this year got even easier is because the robot needs to have a lot of open space if you want to store the ball.

Besides climbers, floor pickups could also get pretty heavy. Not so much because of the pickup mechanism, but all of the work to get those frisbees to your shooter. I believe that 118 was on the edge even after they removed the climber, and they were under 30in tall.

Adding weight’s never been a problem for our team. On bag day, (with the one exception being 2011) the robot has always been 110+, and generally we have to put the robot on the Subway diet during our unlock period.

This year looks to be no different, as the robot’s project weight is nearing 115.

That’s cool though; extra pushing help never hurt anyone.

Our robot is just a shade over 93 lbs as of now. The frame perimeter rules, as well as the KISS principle have led to a light robot this year. Also don’t see the need to add ballast (at least in our situation). It’s relieving to not have to worry about drilling holes in all our quarter inch plates this year :slight_smile:

We were right under the 120 lb (118.5 ish?) mark last year and we didn’t have a 20 or 30 point climber.