How much does your robot weigh?

Practice robot, about 125
Competition robot, about 45
When we get on the field at our first competition, I expect the competition robot to be somewhere between 150 and 154 fully-loaded.

We weighed our robot twice so far once two weeks ago, with everything that we thought was going to go on it and we were at about 89LB then we weighed it again on Saturday with everything on it and we were at 97Lb. after we took it off the scale we found out that the battery was in the robot the whole time therefore assuming the battery weighed 15 pounds we estimated the weight to be 82LB, so somewhere along the two week path we lost some weight :stuck_out_tongue: after we established we have lots of weight too spare we decided to make a few more mechanism for a robot to take up some of that weight, my motto is your given the 120 pounds, you might as well keep adding helpful mechanism until your out of mechanism our weight


Yes, meant to say “Our”.

I know we plan to add mass to adjust the dynamics of our launch system. This is going to also be the year of how close can we get the CG to the floor!

I agree that it would be more informative if the “91-120” range were broken down a bit. This is the first year in ages (maybe ever) that we have not been struggling to keep under 120- so far we’re at about 97 lbs. “soaking wet” (no, no, not REALLY soaking wet, though it HAS been raining here for about forever… and our shop is a bit damp since it really has no walls on two sides…) To me, that is a HUGE difference, but I still have to report in the top category.

Anyway, it’s really nice to not have to stress about weight every time we discover that we need to add something!

Also, really nice that we actually have a “live” robot more than 10 days before SBD. That IS a good feeling.

The other day we did weight check and came in at 98 lbs (weakling?) with some projection for components not on the robot yet.
This along with the new 45 lb. (thanks Frank) with-holding allowance told us we could try to develop another sub-system - but that is not our priority in the next week -

and I believe we would add ballast to get up to 115+ lbs.

Question for Adam (and the other <30 lb response) - 30 lbs is your current weight - is it really what you expect to bag?
That would raise definite curiosity about your game strategy…

As of today, ~62 pounds at full inspection weight. We’re trying to see what we can remove to keep out for Bag & Tag.

Wait… For reals?

Yeah, for reals. Our 191 pound mentor stood on a scale while holding the robot and the total weight came out to 153 pounds.

Edit: Just to clarify, we want to see what part of the robot to leave in the bag so the rest will be under 45 pounds. Basically, the 17 most refined pounds of the robot.

I would be investing in a new scale. 191 + 62 = 153 :smiley:
We weighed our robot yesterday. Competition weight is 118.2 and we didn’t have to remove anything to lose weight.

Bah, typos. It was 253. Our robot doesn’t weigh -38 pounds :smiley: