How Much Does Your Robot Weigh?

Curious as to how much this year’s robots weigh considering that many of them are so small.

99.5 lbs as of last night.


you should create a poll :slight_smile:

I did, you guys replied too fast!

Please fill out the poll, just put it up.

Ounces overweight. Going to replace some steel bolts with aluminum in the wheels we got from Amazon, so that’ll solve it. Easy.

Is it just me or 254 troll every poll? they said they were going to do less than 10 points in another poll, in this poll 3 team members voted for over weight.
waiting for release video.

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I’m no expert but if you have to take off only a few ounces I would recommend a hole saw and a drill. Since you’ve already bought the bolts you should defiantly use them but you should put them in the places that have the least stress, wheels are not the best spot.

Why not just shake it a little bit? If something comes loose and falls off, it probably wasn’t that important.


Just drive over the rock wall a couple times and you’ll be fine ::ouch::

There’s always 4-5 lbs of dead weight on a robot. The hard part is finding it.

Before the season started, I budgeted out 98 pounds for our robot (with 22 pounds margin). We weighed in around 87 pounds just before bag…That’s without our climber though. It turns out, our shooter was <6 lb even with a flywheel (13 lb budgeted). Drivebase ended up being around 40 pounds with 30 pounds budgeted (didn’t expect 8" pneumatic wheels before the season).

A bit shy of 100 pounds estimated (We weighed the main chassis but we are still waiting on pneumatic cylinders from Bimba, so our launcher and pickup will be in the withholding bag). We also have about 7# of steel ballast we can bolt on in about two minutes (holes pre-drilled in both ballast and robot). We sweated frame perimeter (119") and fitting under the low bar more than weight this year.

117.25 lbs. We had the design for a scaler, but not the weight for one. :frowning:

Funny you say that - there IS a 0.5" long 10 bolt rattling around in one of the drive train rails. We’ve tried magnets and a few other things to get it out via the 3/8" or 1/2" access holes we have at various spots along the bottom of the rail. At this point I bet it will find its way out sometime during the season.

The aluminum bolts won’t see the stress of the robot weight/etc - they hold the two sheet metal halves of the tire rim together. Lightening holes in general are taboo on our team - it’s either trussed ahead of time, or we find other ways to lose weight. We powder coat 100% (for better or worse), so the finished look matters. We run our team like a small tech company, so I get it.

Thanks to everyone who answered!

We were around 75 pounds. However we are adding a climber which will and another 30 or so. Still can not complain with 105 pounds…

We’re pretty close. I think our practice bot is a tad bit heavy, but the competition bot got weight reduction applied prior to bag and should be just…about…there…

Anyone new?

1768’s was about 110 without one of the assemblies on, it is still being made right now and will be installed at the competition.

I guessed. We weighed it without the top and bottom covers, but with one bumper on it, a while before we finished building. I added about 10 lbs to that weight. And it’s still really light. I guess we should have gone climbing, and actuated defenses, and built a pop up blocker, and all that other neat stuff.