How much grease on WCP gearbox

For the first time, we’re switching to an ‘open’ gearbox (the WCP ‘flipped’ gearbox) afer using enclosed gearboxes for years. We are commonly not stingy with the grease, but I’m worried about making a gigantic mess this year. Any solutions?

Many teams have added plastic housings to help keep the grease in place. Whether its thin polycarbonate sheet or 3D printed pieces that snap in, there are a lot of options to help keep the mess minimal.

If you don’t want to add shields, you could always put the robot up on blocks and run the gearboxes in for a bit using some sort of cover to catch the excess grease from flying around and making a mess. After running the gearboxes for a bit all the extra grease should fly off and you’ll be left with the perfect amount :slight_smile:

We used DuPont Chain Saver in 2016 and were happy with results. It dries into a film and doesn’t sling off.

I laid down some clear packing tape to a couple of old-style toughboxes to catch the spun off grease.

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In 2017, 1672 used the SS open gearboxes and bent some polycarbonate around the top shape to avoid making a mess on the robot. We also did a “burn in” period on each set of gears and caught the extra lubricant with paper towels and cardboard. This definitely helped to minimize the mess.

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Run it a bit directly after greasing trying to catch with paper towel (Be Careful). Also just check the amount of grease throughout the competition and see if you need more. That has worked in the past for my team.

If you’re running close on weight, you can do what we did last year. It helps keep debris out of the gearbox, too!

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