How much is everybody done with the robot?

How far are you guys done with the robot?


we have started our prototyping now! then i can finally start working on the fun stuff. i am on the controls team so once the prototypes r build i get to start making them work! i cant wait

We have our drivetrain built, but we’re redesigning it just slightly.
Everything else is designed and being built, but for now cant tell you what’s being built or what were going to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian Team 56

Yep - our frame is fianlly built and we have solid design concepts - it only took 2 weeks! :wink:

  • Katie

we have a working chassis and all of our sub-systems mostly prototyped…things look good but far from done.

Anthony Lapp
formerly team 221 -----> now 857

We have our drivetrain and manipulators designed and we are starting base construction tomorrow.

:frowning: This year we are moving at a snail’s pace :frowning: mostly we have our drive system done in the first week… but this year we arent done with even that :frowning: Should finish soon… crosses fingers

We’re working on having the frame done and finishing our extremely detailed designs. Hopefully everthing will be build be the end of week 4. Hopefully.

We have a working drivetrain and a base concept. Right now it is wood but we hope to finish it in aluminium by this Sunday. The other groups are coming along and we have metal prototypes of arms and ball mechanisms. We are behind but we hope to finish sometime before we ship.

We are officially in crisis mode!!!


There is a dwindling supply of Dew in our closet!!! Must pick up more!!!

As for the robot, all is good and running on schedule!!:smiley: :smiley:

We have everything designed and all of the parts ordered. Right now we just have to finish putting them together (we have two). So far our frame is finished and we are putting together our drive system. This shouldn’t take us that long because we are using the same drive train concept as last year. Hint, hint!:wink: