How much of Gmail have you used?

It’s been a year and some since Gmail was released and I was wondering how much of that 1gb of space people have used?

I have ended up storing everything, so about 180 mb.

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Once I almost got the limit because I was storing all my HD word docs and lots of pics on it just to see if I could fill it up, but now that I have made about 10 other addresses I cant fill it up even when I try.

Only 34 MB, and I have two ISP mail accounts, plus my school mail, and one more going into it. However, if I have any large photos or anything come in, I have been deleting them in hopes to keep it down, and I clean out my school mail at the end of every semester.

I made this neat little script to back up my server’s hard drive, split it into parts, then email it to gmail. So I’ve filled up a few accounts so far :slight_smile:

“You are currently using 9 MB (1%) of your 1000 MB.”

Of course, I don’t use my Gmail for much beyond e-mail.

I have one address for music files, one address for FIRST (I’m the official email-sender-outer for my team) and one address I use for everything else. I have around 200 emails in the FIRST address, but I’m still using less than 1% of the total.

If there is still anyone out there who wants gmail and doesn’t have it, feel free to contact me. I have a LOT of invites.

I’m only at 59MB…6%…I need to work harder at filling it up, lol

I’m at 40 MB (4%). I actually guessed on the poll, then went to check. Man am I good! :smiley:

Around 6 MB so far. Speaking of gmail, has anyone else had troubles with it? I’ll do, and it will show that red Loading… graphic on the top right, and then it gives me that “This site can’t be displayed” message.

150MB (15%) But I’ve been actively cleaning out useless files

30MB (3%)

I haven’t deleted anything since I got Gmail but Gmail is my second email address. I still use my Hotmail account as my main email address since I’ve had it for several years now and everyone knows that one.
Hotmail is also the one I used when I signed up here on CD so anyone who clicks “Send email to Jay H 237” will be sent to my Hotmail.

0 MB
its really sad becaue i have abiut 100 emails there.
andd all of my CD/first stuff

How often do you get invites? btw 1 mb used

Im using 52mb. I use it for listservs and run it through thunderbird. Every month or so I will go in and delete everything.

Oooops. Forgot percentage.
About 17% I think, off the top of my head. Too lazy to check

33 MB (3%) OF 1000 MB.

5 MB, 1% of 1000MB

Thats awesome. Any idea if it would run in DSL and you would be willing to share?