How much of the field are you building?

Just a question for folks to see how many “hard core” folks are out there.

My wife & daughter’s team (FRV-23) is only building 1 mobile goal and a stationary goal thingy (not an official ramp/goal but something to practice shooting).

That’s it. They are not doing the ball shoot, the rails around the field, the operator stations or even the hanging bar (two girls holding the bar at about the right height is as close as they are going to get).

How much are you building?

Joe J.

Our team built a mobile goal, the center structure and 1 player station, so that the human players/ drivers can get some practice.

On a side note, I’m not quite sure how they are gonna fit 8 people behind the tiny player station. Just seems kinda cramped to me.

Not just 8 people – 4 of them have pointy sticks in their hands :wink:

I agree, it will be crowded.

Joe J.

We have built a mobile goal, one ramp and the top platform. We will make a small percent of a player station. Time is tight for this event. Buying all of those PVC fittings would cost a bundle. we also got a dozen pieces of floor mat.

We built a ramp with a stationary goal and a bar, a mobile goal, a seperate stationary goal, half a player station (no ball drop, just a PVC frame of half of it), one of the sides of the field and we have the floor tiles. Its everything we need to test our robot and get HP practice.

FVT-42 The Hitchhikers

We have the framework for a ball drop, a player station, and a ball return. Today we the field team finished the mobile goal and one of our human players got to start practicing. Boy, is that mobile goal a hard target.

Just a note,

The field carpets from this year and last year are in a storage area at Wayne State. If anyone is interested, I’m sure they would be happy to get rid of them.

Ben Tower
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Ahhh, so that’s why we need safety glasses. :stuck_out_tongue: