how much over weight

well its the morning of ship
how much weight did anyone have to take out yesterday to get underweight

we had to take out about 8-10 pounds
how about you

underweight (erm we are over the non battery weight limit by 0.6 kilograms with the battery in, so we are probably a couple of kilos under)

We are well underweight, I guess we weigh around 75-80 pounds, we’re adding weight today before we ship.

Team 95 is well underweight as well, which isn’t usual. We’ll probably add balast to stabilize our bot with the arm fully extended.

This is good, since last year we had to lose 7 lbs in the pit to weigh in, and that was a monumental effort.

We are dead on after having to lose about 10 pounds.

Surprisingly, we are underweight. My suggestion is adding kittens to the robot. With the addition of a couple of kittens AND their protective cage, we should be about right.

We’re at 118 pounds - underweight now, but any modifications we make in the last few hours before crating will probably put us over.

Our robot (team 1302) was about 5 pounds overweight. We’re still working on it now but it seems like it will be shipped in time.

We are dead on at 120 by our scale, but are somewhat worried about its accuracy; its just a cheap bathroom scale and could easily be off by as much as 10 pounds, so we’re just crossing our fingers.

We are wrapped up and read to ship now though, after a minor scare with the padlocks. Our team member in charge of the crate lockdown was out sick today.

Same with us. We put a 25 pound weight on the scale to check the accuracy, and it would register anywhere from a half pound under to a half pound over. Lets just cross our fingers and hope we are under lol.

Where are you guys taking ten pounds out of?

how many kittens?

Team Rush is about 12 pounds underweight…I think we are making some things out of steel instead of aluminum to help add more :wink:

I have no clue how much we weigh period. I figure if one person can pick it up alone, we are ok.

Team 1504 was about 5 pounds under, team 33 was about 15 under.

Like Rich said, 95’s bot Eddie is about 10ish lbs under, what are you REALLY going to use for ballast? I want to use a rock, just to say we have a rock on our robt :wink:

116 pounds at the time of shipping.

We are .5 pounds overweight…

we were 125 yesterday at 12 noon, we were down to 114.5 this morning at 2am

We are just overweight (its about a half pound). We have a few more places for speed holes, so we’ll find a way.

We also have the option to replace the steel 1" dia. shaft in our arm to a hollow tube. It’ll lose 4 pounds but is a risky and time consuming operation. (We have a small potentiometer sprocket press-fitted on and it is in a hard place to remove. Not to mention we’ll most likely bust it and need a new one.) The robot is in the crate ready to ship. Any suggestions?