How much power are you using

I noticed this game seems to be a higher power usage game. How much power are you using per match? (you can find it in drivers station)
We are running about 120 k joule per match.

  • Less than 50
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80-89
  • 90-99
  • 100-109
  • 110-119
  • 120-129
  • 130-139
  • 140+
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Too much. Our batteries are sad this year… I think that’s a pretty common theme for many teams this season.


This year we only ran one motor per pivot instead of the usual two, and we still have 19 motors. I think shooter games in general require high power usage due to idle speed.

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Can you please point out where in the DS this metric can be found? Do you have to have the PDH configured in your code?

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i second this, i would like to track this moving forward, we have yet to have any power related issues, through two competitions, with 19 neos on the robot.

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Click on the gear Icon above the message and click view log file. It will pop up a window. On the left of that section will be a list of matches the name will be the time or like Q1 if it were an actual match. Once you select a match below that section is a section at the bottom that lists the per motor K joules used then a sum at the bottom. You don’t need a PDH for this metric.

Maybe I needed more options, I didn’t figure 140+ would be the biggest as that is pushing the limits of these batteries.

Honestly I am not sure where the max is in these batteries. I was surprised at the number 140+

To those of you that used over 140 how much are you using? Are you having brown outs?

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It’s easy to get that much energy out of an ordinary battery. Just drop it into one of these:


121 gigawats


we spike to like 180-240, no brownouts till the upper end of the range.

Surely you mean amps not kilojoules per match

yep, sry

All of the power

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