How much Power?

How much power* are you putting into the primary subsystems of your robot? In other words, what motors and how many motors are powering each system on your robot?

4607 has the following:
Drivetrain: 4 cims, 2 775pros
Intake: 1 775pro
Climber: 3 775pros
Shooter: 3 775pros
Gearage (Gear Mechanism): 0 motors

*What our programmers listen to (and by extension what the rest of our team is forced to listen to)

Right now it looks like:

Drive: 6 CIMs
Intake/Shooter/Indexer: All BAG motors
Climber: Mini-CIM

Are you sure about using 775s on the drive? Those do not handle near-stall conditions well.

At this point 461 is looking at using

Drivetrain: 4-CIMs

Intake: 1-775pro

Conveyor/Hopper/Feeders: 3-9015s

Shooters: 2-775pros

Climber: 1 Minicim

The 775pros are only powering our strafe wheels which are designed to slip before stalling. It’ll be interesting to see how they hold up.

Drive: 6x CIMs + 2 Minis
Shooter: 2x 775 Pros
Climber: 4x CIMs + 2x 775 Pros
Intake: 1x 775 Pro/Bag
Indexer: 1x 775 Pro/Bag

Tehehehe yes those numbers are correct and legal :wink:

Kudos to anyone that can figure out how crazy we are

But, why? I’m having a very hard time imagining the utility of having that many motors on your climber. The drive is kind of overkill, too, but I can at least imagine situations in which it would make sense.

I mean, PTOs are great and all, but are they really necessary here (especially with additional 775s)?

You are only allowed to use 6 CIMS…

The only reasonable conclusion is that they’re using a PTO so that some of their drive motors double as climber motors.

Half second climbs are going to be a very real thing…

Like I said if anyone can figure out the full picture I’d be very surprised, we have to one up our 44 wheels from last year after all. PTO is a start but not quite there :wink:

I, personally, would be rather uncomfortable with the notion of a 150lb robot climbing that fast. That’s not something I’d necessarily want our students to be around, either.

Then again, my team is not exactly shooting for Einstein, so perhaps one’s sensibilities change at the higher levels of competition.

6 cims
6 775 pros
4 or 5 pneumatic cylinders

Agreed… there’s a reason I started this thread.

I think you might run out of spots on the power distribution panel before you get all of those motors installed!

That’s why our can grabbers were going ~30% the speed of sound when they hit the cans. I can use a lot of words to describe that mechanism but safe was so far down that list it may as well have been a mid-Atlantic boat anchor.

I expect to see some fast robots and some fast climbs, but I doubt many fast climbs will be sub 1.5 second.

I assure you that we have open spots left in our PDP.

We are a fan of rapid production quality prototyping, so I also assure you we have built a full prototype and it is almost fully functional :wink: Teasers will come this weekend probably.

The motor math is not as it seems

4 CIMs drive
1 CIM climb (with option for second)
Gear hanger (v1) is passive (get going quick for drive practice)
Active gear intake and hanging still in flux, but likely 2 or 4 BAGs and a half dozen or so servos.
Fuel: none planned at this time. Probably no more than a bag and a couple of servos at most.

Right now, here’s the Iron Kings list:

6 CIMs (chance we change to 4 and 2 mini CIMs)
1 775pro (with provisions for a second, if we need it)
1 Snow Blower Motor
2 9015s

4 CIM Drivetrain
2 775 Intake
4 775 Shooter (or 1 bench grinder. haven’t decided yet)
2 775 Climber

OK, a minimum of 11 motors if the Bag option is used:

  • 4 CIMs which can power either drive or climber
  • 2 CIMS + 2 minis which power drive but cannot be switched to climber
  • 2 775 pros for the climber, possibly the same as the 2 for the shooter
  • 1 Pro/Bag for the intake, possibly the same as the one for the indexer

Wild guess:

  • Mecanum, 2 CIMs on rear wheels, 1+1 on front (or vice versa).
  • Another shaft friction couples with/engages with shooter and rear wheels to power the climber.
  • Just for kicks, the same motor powers the intake and indexer, because while you’re shooting, you’re only taking in your missed shots at the intake.