How much sleep are you going to get???

With Kick-off tomorrow, How many hours of sleep are you going to get tonight?

Sleep? I hibernate until Kick-Off, and don’t go back to bed until after Nationals :yikes:

Doesn’t everyone do this? :rolleyes:

I have to finish developing the workshop I’m delivering tomorrow (and procrastinating horribly), so I don’t know how much I’ll get tonight

what is this sleep that you speak of? I was working on designs all night last night and all day in class, i dont plan on sleeping this year…maybe, just maybe, we can have some practice time before we ship off

hmmmm…what is this sleep you speak of and where can I download some?

But seriously, I doubt I’ll be getting much sleep tonight, I’ll probably lay in bed, thinking too much to sleep :rolleyes: Then I’ll probably get bored and start making sketches, diagrams, flowcharts, etc of general systems, ideas, etc so that I’ll be prepared for the massive flow of ideas at our brainstorming session :smiley:

I may eventually dift off to sleep, but I’ll be getting up reletively early so all in all, I dont plan on getting much sleep :smiley:

None! I figure if I have to wake up at 4:30 to see the live broadcast, I might as well stay up all night :cool:

I got back from robotics last night @ 9:01pm… got work done a little past midnight… The season’s already begun!!

But yeah, I’m going to squeeze every minute of sleep I can get out of this season. Junior year is crazy.

hopefully a lot i got SAT’s 2morrow. there the make update from the December 6th ones when we got a lot of snow so ima going to tape it then going to watch the kick off

Sleep? I don’t understand…

matt@godzooky matt $ emerge -s sleep
Results for search key : sleep ]
Applications found : 0 ]

matt@godzooky matt $

hmm, anyone have the source?


anyway, I already kno im not getting like more then 10 hours sleep between no and monday night

Too much work to get done, to much insomnia to catch up on!!

You are such a procrastinator! I finished my workshop presentation 2 hours ago. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly.

though sleep is so wasteful and time-consuming, i’ll probably be getting as much of it as i can as it will be the last time i’ll sleep in six weeks. i’d better start making coffee…

i would love to get some sleep tonight… cause i know from begining tommorrow till the end of the build season i wont have any… there would be a break between the build season and the competition and then when the competition time comes around i will lose my sleep again… but i know for a fact that when i go to bed tonight i will just lay down… and start thinking about those 2 hints and about everything that everybody said on chiefdelphi about this years game, my alarm will go off when i will realize that my eyes are still open and its 7 o’clock… time to get ready to find out this years game!

Ha, sleep, the night before kick off? I have my girl (vernn, PS, I know I am soooo white LOL) from the team over and a whole bunch of tapes we took from last years season. Yeah, tonight it is a marathon of FIRSt 2003! Woohoo!!!

Ha, sleep, the night before kick off? I have my (vernn, PS, I know I am soooo white LOL) from the team over and a whole bunch of tapes we took from last years season. Yeah, tonight it is a marathon of FIRSt 2003! Woohoo!!!

Now that sounds like how to do it. But I might manage a couple of hours tonight. Im pretty sure I average around 4-5 hours of sleep per night during building. :slight_smile:

I’ll get 5-6 hours…hopefully. I seem to be dead tired all the time because of school, not only during build or not only because I’m excited build is going to be starting. It is 12 hours and 14 minutes till the kickoff starts now!! Or so my clock says…

I must agree to some post that had the search for sleep in linux and the puzzling question what is this sleep???

between all the OT i have been doing these last 5 weeks i have been able to pick up an excess of 3 hours a day. and now that kickoff and 6 weeks is about to start i’m pretty sure ill be up for these first couple of days trying to look for all the hair i pulled out from saturday. hrmm which reminds me maybe i should call in for sunday to also be a day off for me as well j/k

I don’t need any sleep, I’ll just hold a spoon and when I fall asleep I’ll drop it and wake myself up, fully rested for the next two hours.

well judging from the fact i don’t manage to get 8 hours of sleep without robotics i’m not quite sure how few i’ll get with robotics. It just eats my life up, chews it up, spits it on the ground, steps on it a few times then crushes it with a couple of hundred thirty pound robots. BUT ITS SO MUCH FUN so i don’t care how much sleep i lose! :slight_smile: