how much vex?

Strictly because of curiosity I would like to know how much vex (please list kits) your FTC team has

my team has:
starter kit
programming kit
hardware and metal kit (not the tripack)
gear kit (not advanced)
2 extra motors

I think the NERDS (FTC 546 this year) have about 6 starter kits, missing a bunch of parts from lots of use, and about that many battery pack sets, some gears, omni wheels, chains, sensors of various types, one programing kit, etc.

But they use the vex stuff to put on summer camps for middle school students too…

This year we were able to have around 15 vex kits and for the FTC team we are allowed to “borrow” as many parts as we want. We occasionally order seperate parts which we need and also get the metal kit.

tank tread kit, line tracket kit, 2 starter sets, 6 batters, 2 chargers, 2 omni wheels, 3 extra motors and servos, metal kit, and some wheels

i personally have
starter kit
programming kit
battery kit
gear kit not advance
small omini wheel kit
ultrasonic kit
chain kit
2x motor kit
tank tread kit
wheel kit
misc. things from vex labs