How not to damage a gym floor?

Hi, I’m Abigail Brown from the team 6343, recently from seeing other teams do the same I have wished to get out robots involved at pep assembles and half time for basketball games. I was wondering if anyone knew if 8 inch Pneumatic wheels would damage a gym floor? Link to our wheels here And if so do you have any suggestions for how to limit damages to the floor? Thank you so much!

Those wheels should be fine and shouldn’t leave marks. Or you could switch to omnis which are probably the best because they don’t have a lot of grip.

Grip strength and ability to mark floors aren’t directly correlated. It’s quite possible some omni wheel rollers do mark, not to mention the robot would behave completely differently. Those pneumatic wheels are much less likely to damage the floor (dings and dents and the like).


From what I can tell pneumatic would be your best option, because worse case they leave a scuff mark which can be cleaned up compared to more rigid wheels that may have a chance of leaving scratches.

We used to fire t-shirts at pep rallies with our t-shirt shooting robot. It had six 6-inch (or 8-inch? Can’t tell) pneumatic tires, and we never had any problems scuffing up the gym floor. Just drive carefully and don’t drift the bot and you should be completely fine. Here’s a pic:

You should also uses pneumatic wheels so you can do football games and parades. Making a set of vanity bumpers is also helpful, so you don’t ding anything with the frame.

In our experience the standard AndyMark pneumatic wheels are fine. However during the Great Pneumatic Wheel Shortage of 2016 (Stronghold) we found an alternate supplier who sold black pneumatic tires of the same size… those left marks everywhere. We would have a little Magic Eraser party after every time we practiced.

Test before driving too much, but you should be fine.

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