How often do Preliminary Match Schedules change?

As you probably know, the Houston sub division preliminary match schedule has been released. But how much of a tell is it? Is the preliminary schedule usually the one for competition or does it usually drastically change?

I think I have seen one maybe two division schedules change since they started doing it. It’s very rare, and they’re isolated so one division changing means only that one gets a new schedule.

It’s important to recognize that ‘preliminary’ means just that. We may have unexpected changes that lead to us rerunning match schedules. While usually the preliminary schedules and the final schedules are the same, they aren’t always the same, and you should be prepared for change

Yes…there’s no way to know. Plan on them being right, but also plan on dealing with change. Does that make any sense?

My gut feeling is that it changes about 15 to 20% of the time. That’s low enough that it’s worth it to spend time developing match strategy based on what you have now, but high enough that you should be prepared for it to be different when you get there.

If it changes it won’t be a minor adjustment, it will be an entirely new schedule.

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This is the earliest I remember match schedules being out, so that makes me less sanguine about them not changing. Too often 1 or 2 teams fail to show at the last minute, which can scramble the schedule.

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