How often do teams decline district championship bids?

4505 is currently sitting at 61st in the district while the top 58 teams were taken. How likely is it that enough teams decline for us to attend?

In Indiana, we accept 32 teams for DCMP. For the last 2 years, we’ve only had 31 teams due to teams declining (I’m assuming). I’m not really sure why we were never able to fill that 32nd spot. I think it might be due to lack of time to re-invite teams. Either way, I hope this helps and, I wish you all luck to get into the DCMP.

I believe that you are 60th, since 587 is an out of district team that is “ahead” of you. Now you’re only 2 spots away!

Thanks for your reply, does Indiana have the standard 2 weeks between invites being released and the DCMP occurring? We heard that there were 6 declines last year and 2 re-invites from that. Could be a time constraint thing. Does anybody more familiar with CHS know what our chances look like (mentors are waiting to cancel our reservations).

587 isn’t listed on the CHS leaderboards that says 61st sadly.

You’d be correct. Typically there have been a few declines from teams in the 30-36 range. Many of the declines were for financial reasons.

That and other times it’s hard to convince a school corporation that cancelled plans for state after not initially qualifying to scramble those resources back together on relatively short notice.

I.E. what happened to us at 5188 last year when we got our chance to go to INcmps off of teams declining.