How often do you expect to see unicorn matches in 2019?

What percentage of matches are you expecting to see 4 ranking points in this year? It seems like it could be slightly easier than it has been in years past, but I might be underestimating the difficulty. Vote below!

  • 0-20%
  • 21-40%
  • 41-60%
  • 61-80%
  • 81-100%

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FYI, according to TBA, here are the percentage of unicorn matches from the previous two years. The insights pages do not provide unicorn data for any preceding years and I didn’t want to calculate but someone else can feel free to.

Year Qualifications Playoffs Overall
2018 5.34% 11.23% 6.31%
2017 0.45% 2.08% 0.74%

Now that official play is over, here is the breakdown of unicorn matches for 2019! Data is from TBA Insights.

Year Qualifications Playoffs Overall
2019 3.81% 1.14% 3.35%
2018 5.34% 11.23% 6.31%
2017 0.45% 2.08% 0.74%

When comparing to 2017 and 2018, notice that % of unicorn matches went up (considerably!) between qualifications and playoffs yet this year it went down significantly. Just more evidence that the scoring/RP structure did not necessarily make sense since those L3 bots were so much more valuable/relevant in quals.


There was also no benefit to completing a rocket vs scoring those same points in places less defended. Without a points bonus like previous years there’s no advantage to sticking with the same strategies as quals.