How old is your oldest robot

This is meaning a working/ can be fixed easily robot… Ours is 2014 unfortunately, but it is kept in tip top shape. But what is the oldest robot your team has. If you want, add a picture to show how well kept it is.

2012 here on Citrus Circuits as well as all later robots as well.

I still can see scrap metal around from when I was a team member and know what part it was for when I rummage through our scrap bins.

Our oldest robot in existance is from 1992 but it is in the possession of FIRST at FIRST place. Until recently we had the main body of our 1993 robot around but a couple of years ago we scrapped all our old robots. Our 2012 robot was kept around as a demo bot.

2001, our first year. We’re really running out of space to keep them. I don’t want to scrap them though. Perhaps I can devise a way to hang them from the ceiling of the school gymnasium or something. I’m not particularly fond of this new gigantic 6-foot tall one from 2015 sitting on our lab floor. It takes up way too much space.

2012 is still running, but we have superstructure parts from as far back as 2009.

Oldest Working: 2011 (barely)
Oldest “Shell”: 2003 (Bare chassis, wheels still intact)

I’ve tried to keep pressure on our team to NOT disassemble our old robots. We had our 2006 robot running until a few years ago when we were told to take it apart to salvage parts from it (though we never reused any of the parts from it). Ironically, the only thing wrong with that robot when we took it apart was that we couldn’t find any usable game pieces for it. It was a shame too, cause it was a very nice demo robot.

That said, we are in the process of getting our 2007 robot working again. A few years back we converted it to a rideable “chair-bot” but after some use we broke a few of the the gears on the custom shifter mechanism in one of the gearboxes. We’re working on adapting a pair of newer off the shelf gearboxs to drive it instead.

2012 is mechanically sound however we stripped the cRios off to use on other bots. We started replacing the control system with a Sasquatch controller by RobotOpen this past summer however, as an offseason project.

2013 has all the control system elements working, as well as our shooter, but our climber is so abused it probably isn’t a good idea to run it.

2014 works, but barely, after Aerial Assault had its way with our bot. Some of our intake angling versa planetary gearboxes are beat up and barely respond.

Our 2007 robot Johnny 5 is the oldest one that Team 1676 still has running, but it is basically just its chassis now. It can take a beating, so we use it as a defensive bot against each year’s new robot during driver training. Our 2008 robot Landshark is still fully functional.

In all, we have disassembled our 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2011 robots, but have kept our 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 ones. But, room is running out. Luckily we have room in two schools to spread them out between.

2013 is our oldest one. We recycle parts once the next season begins, but we kept Electra, our best performing robot in recent years. It was the first year we made Worlds since our rookie year (2009). We use it as a demo bot now.

For us, it’s our 2009 robot “Mu”

The team stripped off the cRio and put the old IFI controller on it, but it still runs - it was our staple demo robot for several years. Today, our 2013 frisbee robot “Whizbee” is the oldest one we actively use for demos, because robots that shoot frisbees are cool.

Our 2014 robot is the oldest thing that still resembles a robot. I think we still have the electronics board put together, the shooter is still together, just the pneumatics components (i.e. compressor, tubing, tanks, pressure switch, etc.) have been relocated to the 2015 robot, along with some bearings. We also disassembled our intake for parts. I am hoping we can either restore the 2014 robot or build a new 2014 robot for demo purposes.

Our 2015 robot, for what it is being used for right now (demoing), is still working. However, if we go to an offseason event (still uncertain), we will have to make some repairs to it. (Side note: To anyone who thinks that their 2015 robot is not ‘cool’ enough to demo to kids or adults, it is. It isn’t nearly as cool as a 2012-2014 robot to show off, but if you’re enthusiastic (or pretend to be) about what your robot is doing, people will follow suit and also be enthusiastic. And I’m saying this as someone who didn’t like RR at all)

This makes me so sad as FRC 703 2006 was such a sweet robot… One of my all time favorites…

Ummm… Sadly it’s our 2015 bot. We scraped all our others bots over the past couple years but still have 2014’s shell. We are in the process of turning it into a t-shirt canon for school sporting events.

We still have our robot from our rookie year which was 2005, it’s made of tubes from a screen enclosure. We use it as a coat rack because it doesn’t run anymore.

Our oldest running is from 2006 and then we have the shell of 2013 that sits in the corner of our CNC room.

We have all 10 (2006 - 2015) of our robots running. Over the summer we had a ten year reunion with all of them driving around.

I know 190 still has their 1992 robot in running condition and pretty sure their 1995 is somewhere.

Our oldest is our first robot that is semi-functioning, 2003. It is complete except for the solenoids for the pneumatics.

Others that are still functional (might need to reinstall a victor or two) are 2004, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2014, 2015.

We still have the main structures assembled in robot form for 2005, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

2008 and 2012 were both dismantled. One was for safety reasons, the other…well we don’t talk about it.

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We have gutted chassis’ going back to 2010 but our oldest running bot is 2013.

Our oldest robot is our rookie (wooden) robot from 1998. A student on the team last year got the robot driving, although the manipulator didn’t function. We still have every robot the team has ever made. The biggest change we have made to any bot is scrap the electronics for use.

For us, it’s 2010… Although I’m stretching the definition of “working” - it’s a mecanum not, and one of the wheels fell off last year. And by fall off, I mean the entire wheel raider we built to get over the bumps broke into pieces. Fortunately, the student who built that drive train has returned as a mentor… :),