How picky is FIRST about time?????

I’m just curious. I’m planning for my video to be under 10 minutes but it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. I have hours and hours and hours of footage. For people who have turned in submissions before, Will FIRST DQ you if you’re over the limit by say one minute or less???



i personally have never heard of a chairman’s entry being dq’d, but i wouldn’t risk it by going over the time limit. i think i can safely say we all struggle to cut the submission down to 10 minutes, but you gotta do what you gotta do- submit a 10 minute video, then keep a longer video for yourself… a sort of directors cut. hope this helps!

gunn robotics #192

FIRST sets the 10 minute time limit only to help themselves. I’m sure they would love to spend a week learning about each team, but it’s just not possible. And a minute or so doesn’t seem that much over, but if every team did that, the judges would have a lot of extra minutes on their hands, and wouldn’t be able to evaluate every team’s admission very well. The judges may be in a good mood and not mind too much, but they could be upset subconciously, and not think as highly of your team. I would just cut it to ten minutes out of common courtesy.

Good Luck!
Jenni ~ Team #93

You can do as you like, but I would be sure to meet all the hard requirements, such as getting it in on time, fitting in the box they describe, and limiting the timeframe for review.

I suppose that you have put in a LOT of great work for FIRST and that you have spent a LOT of work weaving that great work in the best presentation possible.

Why risk all that work on a technical violation?

My advice, cut back what you need to to fit the requirements.

Joe J.

A minute NO, they will just throw it back into the pile not giving it a score. If it is like a second or two, I think that they will give you the credit. They are very strict on 10 minutes, but I think they use a clock watch or something. Nothing as percise as animation where they measure the .0000001 second, but I would plan for 10 minutes and no more. If you want to put more, you can put it on the supplement sheet that you are requried to pass in.

Wouldn’t the overall 10 minute limit also include any time required to read printed materials, etc?

Sure does, so don’t think you can get away with a 10 minute video and a two page paper :smiley: I think ours clocked in around 9-9.5

Hmmm, any idea on the type of computer they’re using? I made my team’s Chairman’s in flash and it clocked in at around 9 min, 50 seconds on my computer (you can get it here). Basically, if they have an uber-sheizer computer, that means it’ll be over, but if they have a good computer, I should be fine. Any ideas on the judge’s technology?

An E-mail that I got said that some of them only have P 133’s with 64 megs of RAM. They said not to make it so it runs on the latest and greatest computer. They say that they will accept it if times goes over if the computer is slower.

Wouldn’t the overall 10 minute limit also include any time required to read printed materials, etc?

If it that supplement sheet that you are required to submit, than it is no, it doesn’t count against time. If it is part of the Charimans Award than yes it does count.

I pushed my Chairmans Award to the Limit putting it to 9:59.5