How rare is this?

I’ve come to realize something I achieved that I’m not exactly sure how it was possible. A lot of the FTC community knows this from the speech I gave at the 2013 CMP.

I started in FLL. Specifically, I started on FLL team 1102 M’Aiken Lil’ Magic, then when I reached high school in my freshman year I was only a member of the FTC team 1102 M’Aiken Tech Magic, then my sophomore year I finally joined and took over the main electrical and programming teams for the FRC team 1102 M’Aiken Magic.

Just how rare is it to be on a team in three different programs that all had the same number, I ask because I know the number system has changed over the years after I went through both FLL and FTC. I just find it pretty neat is all I suppose. I also wonder if there is anyone else like me.