How Ready Are You for Great Lakes?

How ready is everyone for the Great Lakes Regional? Obviously the teams with one regional under their belt (like 47, 67, 469, etc.) will be highly ready, but what about the other teams?

Do you still have last minute work to do on the robot or is everything in top shape?

I’m just wondering where we stand in terms of readiness.


Short of tightening a few bolts, and doing final testing on all of our stuff, 470 is ready to go…as far as how ready I am with all of the scoring stuff, I’ll find out in a few hours when I get to the site…

We are soo excited to get the Pegasus out of the crate and get it on the field.

Update from GLR Event Site:
-Carpet is down
-Lights, sound, and big screens are up
-Auxiliary gym pit area is set up
-Pit administration and spare parts is set up

To do tomorrow:
-Field construction & Wiring
-Scoring & judges tables set up
-Field border roping set up
-“Backstage” pit area set up
-A few other things I’m forgetting…

See everybody there! T-Minus 35 hours and counting until the doors open…