How Should a Rookie Team Get onto HAB Level 2

If you have a claw (or anything actuated or with rollers) that extends past your bumpers you might be able to use it to lift up you front wheels with little to no modification

Short of just sending it, it’s going to be hard to build a level hab mechanism that doesn’t involve actuation without breaking the frame perimeter or bumper rules.

Even with the pieces of wood you’re going to have to find some way to make them deploy over the bumper.

Bumper rules are a little lenient when you are in the Hab zone.
G23. Keep your BUMPERS low. BUMPERS must be in the BUMPER ZONE (see R25) during the
MATCH unless a ROBOT is completely in its HAB ZONE or supported by a ROBOT completely in
its HAB ZONE. A ROBOT is “completely in its HAB ZONE” if its BUMPERS are entirely between its
ALLIANCE WALL and the vertical plane defined by its HAB LINE.

I’m talking about at the beginning of and during the match.