How should rookie team prepare to win awards?

Rookie team captain here. I would like some guidance from more experienced teams regarding the awards process at competitions.

These are my main questions:

  1. What sort of awards are reasonable for us to get besides RAS and RI?
  2. What sort of material (booklets, one-page handouts, etc.) I should prepare for the judges at the competition? Should I just prepare one booklet for all the awards?
  3. What should I highlight in my documents for judges? Are there any online resources for this?
  4. How should I prepare my teammates for when judges come to the pit?

Thanks so much everyone, good luck to those at competition right now

The Team Spirit award is one that is pretty reasonable if you all match and cheer enough



I was a rookie team captain last year too, and got an RAS Award at the Orange County Regional; I would love to pass to you a few words of advice.

Advice one: Have competent students in the pit. Try to keep the pit clear of parents and coaches, and have students ready to present to judges. We always kept at least two students from our awards team on standby for that purpose.

Advice two: We gave out one page flyers highlighting our season’s successes. Here’s the link for our flyer: judge’s handout
We also had an injury log that we kept visible for judges to see, a team branding and design guide (four or five pages?), and a battery check-in check-out sheet. The purpose of these documents is to show the judges that you are capable of becoming a future Chairman’s team.

If you want me to look over your documents and help you further, message me your discord/ phone number/ email (whatever works best) and I’ll find some time to assist y’all. Whats your team number btw?


My recommendation is to pick out two awards to target. One technical award, one team award. Figure out what you best fit in, and then how you want to sell yourself for each of those awards. That can include handouts, design notebooks, binders, or whatever else you think would be applicable!

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We won RAS by having a good business plan binder (Judges visist) and placing 23/60 6-5 in San Diego in 2014… I think it was a combo of a good presentation and decent performance as a defender that could take out low goal that season

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