How should sponsorship tiers look for a rookie team

As stated we are a rookie team, we are almost ready to seek out sponsors except for one problem we can’t get any ideas for. We just need help figuring out what sponsorship benefits and tiers we should have as the title says.

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Here is one from a well known team : Sponsors - Citrus Circuits scroll down and you’ll see what they offer there sponsors. This is just an example of one teams . Start poking around FRC team sites and do some research. What works for one team may not work for yours.

Here’s our tiers
and sponsors Sponsors | Team Neutrino
We are in our 12th year.

I’ve made a template for this that may be a good starting point for you :slight_smile:

Keep in mind your anchor prices. If you only ask for $500, you’re very very unlikely to get any donations larger than that. However, if you set your highest tier at $5000 (or higher), you might catch a few bigger fish.

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