How slow is too slow?

In fact, this is totally a matter of gearing and the amount of throttle that your driver is using. If you’ve designed it right (suitable ratios), and are driving it right (full throttle as much as possible, pushing things as little as possible), the motors will be operating at a “happy” speed and temperature, no matter what your actual top speed is. Gearing it down (to increase torque) will not have any major effect on the operating temperature of the motors, unless the ratio was so unsuitable to begin with that you could hardly accelerate from a standing start–the driving conditions (mainly % throttle) are the primary concerns.

This is the real sin. They won’t save any battery life, and their motors will be operating out of their preferred range (contributing to excess heat, both because of the slow fan, and because of the higher current drawn due to lower voltage). This is also why it’s nice to plan to change ratios, just in case your drivers don’t like what they’ve got, and are unwilling (for strategic reasons) or unable (for human reaction time reasons) to alter their slow driving styles.

Not to change subject, but depending on how you read this hint we may be looking at a sprint start again… :wink:

9’ PS!!! Man! thats a big wheel Dan.

Hi, I was just looking around and run across this thread,
The poof’s (254) and Kingman (60–my team) run a 2 speed gear box with a high gear of about 15fps and a low of 5fps.
This seems to give the best of both worlds, low-end power, top end speed.
As for driving, practice, practice, practice
Think of it as a car or a bike it’s better to have the speed and power and not
use it, then need it and not have it.

gotta go
have fun