How Smooth Should I Expect Video Streaming to Be?

We are using PhotonVision with a Pi4B 4GB with OV9281. How smooth should I expect video streaming on the dashboard to be in driver mode? It seems to fluctuate a lot. (Robot Wifi, nothing else powered on). We’ve noticed where the dashboard will start smooth and get progressively more choppy.


Version? Networking setup?

What resolution are you using and how many fps?
High resolution can end up hitting the field bandwidth limit if you set that for the radio.

I’ve always found the streaming video quality to be pretty awful

Pi into a Netgear switch into the robot radio. Laptop connected to robot wifi looking at the dashboard. Capturing at 640x480, streaming at 320x240.

We are capturing at 640x480 60fps, streaming at 320x240.


If you want to rule out a robot issue, I suggest plugging the pi into the wall and connecting your computer to it. How are you powering the PI? are you plugging the PI directly into the VRM or are you using some type of voltage regulator outside of the VRM?