how tall is the pole

team 1793 his having trouble finding out how tall the pole is supposed to be cut to we have a measurement tooking of 9ft 3in at the kickoff but we want to double check are we right?

02 - The Arena Rev-
2.2.5 The TOWERS
section of the manual has all the dimensions included. The First website also has dimensional drawings to make both the real post and target or an economical version.

To figure it out, check out the official field drawings here:

Start with page 46, which references all the diagrams used to construct the minibot tower.

From the sensor to the floor it is 122 inches.

Of course, the platform at the bottom is 12 inches and the deployment line is 18 inches above that, so technically if you get the minibot right against the deployment line it will only have to travel 92 inches.

I’m not sure, but everywhere i look i am seeing 10 foot.

the top is at 122 inches from teh ground. the cylinder is 12 inches off the ground. the deployment line which you cant deploy the bot above is 30 inches off the ground.

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