How technology has impacted communications in your life =)

Simple questions.

How has communications technology impacted your life.

For example how has email helped you contact your loved ones.
Effect of how iPods kept you tuned in.
TV keeping you informed

Etc…I just need peoples opinions…I won’t use all but i’ll be sure to mention or post a copy of my ISU.

Questions? Just ask.

Negative aspects are also very much welcome! Such opinions can include the substantial costs that come with the benfefits of such technological devices =).

Well, if it weren’t for computers and IM, I probably wouldn’t have the nice job I have now. A friend I rarely saw but always talk to on IM recommended me for it. If there was no IM, I doubt we’d really talk (or be friends).

It’s most definitly internet that has had a huge impact. Many of my friends from Robotics, ISEF, and other national organizations can’t see me on a regular basis, but we still want to communicate.

Another really cool device is the microwave. I really really like popcorn.

w/o aim…yeah i’m lost…wouldn’t have been so close to a few friends

cell phones…well connects me to family so i can talk to my cuz for free when my life gets crazy and my bro too when he’s away @ college

bad though…addicted and well my rents want me offline so yeah…

microwave–hot pockets, popcorn and various foods to snack on…so it’s not communication but that’s okay

computers…love just typing essays not handwriting them out and gotta love spell check i can’t spell to save my life…and really not form of communication either…

[rant]I believe firmly that the most technologically we get advanced the better we are, only we need to be wise with what we build. Society never does well if they refuse to accept change, especially that that technology brings. Look at the chinese during all all of their dynasties, particularly Quig (Manchu) dynasty towards the end of their reign (1900s) they banned books and killed scholars, what happened? There was a revolution because they refused to accept change, same thing with the French, and many other societies.[/rant]

Some Communications I love:
-Any Phone Related Device
-Email and the Internet (all bow to CERN)
-Google (it does qualify doesn’t it?)
-Many more