How the cone reacts when sliding on the carpet?

hello everyone :slight_smile: my team and I were talking about the reaction of the cones when moving them on the floor in the field 'cause we still don’t have cones and we don’t have carpet to try it, we plan to have an open chassis to control the cones inside and having a gate so that it doesn’t leave, once inside, we would take it with an arm of 2 joints; but 'cause the chassis is open the cone would be touching the floor, we’d like to ask you if you see this viable, or if you could send us videos of how the cone moves on the carpet when you push it?

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I don’t have regulation carpet in my office, but an upright cone exhibits considerable static friction. It would rather flip over than slide, unless pushed from <3" off the floor.

Edit: When pushed in the upright position, I believe the dynamic friction would be enough to pull tape off the carpet.

A horizontal cone slides fairly easily, with the worst orientation being point first.


Does your team want to pick up the cones laying down or horizontal from the floor, right?

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